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Up Close – Under Armour Clutchfit 2.0 Release Colorway

Under Armour Clutchfit Force 2

If there is a brand that is headed confidently in an upward march at the moment, it is Under Armour. There is an air of positivity surrounding the brand and they are steadily gaining new aficionados as they continue to churn out top performing boots.

Welcome in the release colorway of the UA Clutchfit Force 2 series. Visually, there is a lot going on with these and you really need to see them up-close to understand what they offer. Clutchfit as a silo is all about control, designed to act like a second skin and provide enhanced fit and feel for players that want a responsive touch.

No doubt, some of you are interested in picking up a pair of Clutchfit. While I work through a full review, I wanted to provide a general outline of the upper material and some of other key performance characteristics to give you some indication of what to expect.

Are they worth their $199.99 price tag? I’ll also cover that question down below!

UA Clutchfit 2 Upper

UA Clutchfit 2 Up Close

Real Close Up of Clutchfit Force 2

What To Expect From The Updated Upper

The images above are your clear guide to how the pattern plays out on the upper. There is a white layer that runs in an odd zig-zag dtyle design intended to holds the shape of the upper together. Then what I’d call black, rubber dumbbell shapes feature a defined and multi-textured shape that is intended to provide additional grip on the ball. It is a thin rubber material, so I definitely wouldn’t place them in the power category, although they do feel crisp to strike shots in.

The real benefit comes with the grip provided and how it allows for a clean and controlled first touch, this being especially true as you take balls out of the air. While wearing them recently, there were several occasions where the ball stuck to the surface of the material while taking down long balls. As much as I’d love to place this directly on my skills and ability to take the ball out of the air like Juan Mata, credit most go to the cushioned feel of the material as it really does grip the ball directly on impact.

UA Clutchfit Force New Colorway

UA Clutchfit Force Heel

Comfort and Sizing

If there is something UA do right it is perfect fit. The upper of this boot is very pliable and allows for different foot shapes to fit in comfortably without being over constricting. I wouldn’t directly state they provide an ideal wide fitting option for players, but I can say that they accommodate different fits well. The image above of the heel cut provides some idea of how rounded it is, but what you can’t tell is how soft the material is. As you sink your feet into the boot, it gently stretches and molds to your fit. Length wise, they are an ideal true-to-size option and when it comes to forefoot width, I’ve felt very comfortable in them over 90 minutes.

What is slightly surprising is how the material loosens and conforms over time – not your traditional outcome from a boot that uses synthetic through the upper.

UA Clutchfit Force 2 Soleplate

Are They Worth $199.99?

The answer to that is not quite clear yet, but I can tell you they are quickly gaining on what is my personal UA boot, the Speedform. Durability is going to play a big factor with these boots, and to date that has been a decently impressive area. You can tell their is quality in how these are built. When you compare them to the market, there really isn’t any similar touch on the ball option to a boot like this, so it puts them in an extremely unusual bracket! That for some might be reason enough to explore a pair.

Midfielders and players that like to get plenty of touches on the ball through a game are the ones that will really benefit from what they have to offer!

If you are wondering how they compare against the original UA Clutchfit release, these are a definite upgrade. They are also lighter than the original by 0.4 oz – weighing in at 7.6 oz.

Find all the latest Clutchfit colorways currently listed at

UA Clutchfit Force

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