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How adidas Has Detailed the Finale 16/17 Official Match Ball

adidas Finale 16 17 OMB

We are going to cover the performance aspects of the adidas Finale 16/17 OMB (Official Match Ball) in an upcoming feature, but given it’s extremely unique text style design, a quick visual visit is definitely a necessity!

Basically, adidas reached out to some of the games great players and asked them “how do you win your way?”

Players responded with motivational and inspirational quotes that are forever preserved on the new adidas Champions League ball that will be used in 2016-17 group stages. What makes them even more personalized is the fact adidas has kept the exact handwriting in place that the players used for their responses. The handwritten messages come from some of the game’s best players, including the likes of Mesut Ozil, Toni Kroos, James Rodriguez and Gareth Bale.

adidas Finale 1617 Control The Game Is Everything

Up close, you can find the text running across both the Vapor Steel colored star shaped panels and also on the six-sided White. The latter is slightly tougher to make out, as the light silver text really doesn’t stand out very much.

“Control the game is everything”, “Regardless if they are beautiful or not, I need goals” and “Faster than a bullet” are three of the key featured quotes that players came up with. Some are in English, while others are included in French, Spanish and Italian, showing the diversity of players included in the project.

adidas Finale 16 17 OMB Uo Close

adidas Finale 16 OMB Faster Than A Bullet

There is such a personal touch about this ball, making it one of a kind compared to what we have seen in the past. What would make it even better is if you could work out who wrote each piece and the find a way to have them add their signature beside it. That would be awesome! What do you guys think of the design and the use of personalized text across the panels?

Find the official Finale 16/17 Match Ball at

adidas Finale 16 OMB Panels

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