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Under Armour’s 20th Anniversary “Metallic” Clutchfit Force

metallic under armour clutchfit 2-0

In honor of the brands 20th Anniversary, Under Armour has released a pair of stunning Limited Edition “Metallic” boots. Both the ClutchFit Force and Spotlight boots have been given the exclusive treatment, with a single hit of black along the signature UA logo offering the only contrast. These are bold, standout looks that do justice to celebratory nature of their release.

Earlier today, a pair of UA Clutchfit Force arrived in and they are everything you’d expect in person. Because of the definition through the forefoot of the boot, visually they have a mix of brushed and polished silver. Along the tongue, the metallic has a shimmer effect, that has a rainbow effect depending on the light that hits them.

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Underfoot, UA has gone complete metallic shine with a reflective chrome paint job in play across the skeleton like soleplate. It adds a completely different level of bling! There is also a warning label included:

BATTLE SCARS: If you’re competing hard enough, the chrome paint on these cleats could chip. Wear them with pride.

Other small detailing includes a silver lining inside the heel, and the laces get a two tone silver with black speckle effect.



If there is something UA do right it is perfect fit. The upper of this boot is very pliable and allows for different foot shapes to fit in comfortably without being overly constrictive. I wouldn’t directly state they provide an ideal wide fitting option for players, but I can say that they accommodate different fits well.

Finishing up, if there was something that has held me back on falling completely for the Clutchfit, it is the colorways released to date. But these are without a doubt the best looking release in the series to date; that turns them into a real market contender! If you are considering the pair, you have to remember they are limited edition so they might not hang around very long.

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