Tuesday , May 30 2023

Introducing the Nike Hypervenom njr x Jordan “Special Edition Presentation Case”


What could be better than having a fresh pair of the new Nike NJR X Jordan Hypervenom arrive at your door? How about getting them along with a pair in the Proximo version all neatly packaged in a super awesome, special edition, presentation case. That’s what happened earlier today!

This could be one of the most impressive presentation cases I’ve seen in a while. Opening the shipping box, the first thing that hits you is the safari style black-on-black pattern with silver “BRILLIANCE COLLIDES” text across the top of the box covering. The big collision is obviously that between Neymar and Michael Jordan, as two of the best to ever grace a soccer field and a basketball court join forces. A leather handle across the top adds a nice touch, making it super easy to move around. Along the front casing, the signature logo that Nike created to celebrate the collaboration sits proudly in full effect.





The top opens up on both sides and you have to fold both fully down to get into the main box, where the boots are stored. It flips open, revealing two full panel, red doors. On the left, the text “DISRUPT THE COURT” and on the right “DISRUPT THE PITCH” give you a clear indicator of what is located underneath.

And when you get to the boots, the WOW factor reaches another level. In online images, I haven’t been overly-impressed with how they look. But in person, the design is so sharp and extremely clean. Online, the detail color almost looks like a rusty orange, but it is actually a much more effective solar red, with a black speckle pattern through it. The swoosh features the same grey color found on the mid-cut collar, with the added bonus of having a reflective layer across it. In other words, it will stand out when the right light hits it.




Turn them over, and the artistic touches really take full effect. The soleplate features a large signature “Jumpman” across the forefoot, with a mix of solar red and what looks like an ice white on the higher elevated spine. Nike finish it off with the same black speckle pattern found on the side of the boot. The Proximo version is slightly different, but I’m going to leave that detailing for a follow-up post.

Final note, both pairs do come with a really slick boot bag that follows the same pattern found on the soleplate of the FG version. What a cool bag to be able to rock to games, the perfect way to showcase your limited edition boots!

Before the questions come flooding in, this is a media presentation case and as far as we know they will not be released to retail. This is Nike’s way of showcasing a signature boot, and they have done it in fantastic style. I’m sure there are many of you that would agree with me when I say it is a shame not to have this type of case available for retail, especially when there are some that would love to get their hands on both the FG and Court version. Maybe it is something Nike should consider with future releases – anyone agree?

Find the entire line-up of NJR2 boots available at soccer.com.


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