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Up Close – New Balance Audazo IN

New Balance Audazo IN

New Balance are back with a fresh set of colorways in their short sided Audazo IN line-up, with this standout Vivid Catcus /Lime Glo edition leading the way. Audazo is a range of turf and indoor shoes designed for players who ‘Run’s the Game’ by fearlessly expressing themselves in play. This is the type of player that think on their feet and play with the confidence and attitude to back up their skills. The big selling point with this indoor release is the graphic style print across the upper, with NB taking a splashed paint effect in key areas.

In terms of tech specs, the Audazo is designed to meet the demands of both turf and court football.  Inside the shoes, NB use their signature Fresh Foam insock that provides ultra-cushioning and comfort, ensuring that players feel supported and have the freedom of movement to dominate the game.  You also get REVLite underfoot that provides additional cushioning and shock absorption, vital for players who need to control the ball under high pressure situations.

Available via or directly from NB website.

New Balance Auzaro Indoor Shoes

NB Auzaro Upper

NB Auzaro Upper Design

Then there is the addition of what is called ProBank, the higher elevated piece of the sole that comes up to the upper. It  gives additional support and protection to key areas of stress on the foot through lateral movement.

A pretty cool feature of the shoe is the transparent panels on the side of the boot and through the tongue. The introduction of a mesh material means the shoe is more breathable and just that little bit lighter.

NB Auzaro how do they Fit

NB Auzaro IN on foot

How do the Fit?

If you are considering a pair, the one thing I’d note is that the Audazo range hold what has become a signature New Balance shape through the forefoot. It makes them a tighter fitting shoe with a snug fit right around the toes. If you go true to size, the first time you put them on you will notice just how little extra space there is. After a wear, they will loosen up and feel more natural. But in reality as an indoor shoe, many of you are likely to need an additional half size to make them fit comfortably over time. Something to consider!

All-in-all, this is a very solid release from New Balance, with the Audazo offering players a very competitive option in the indoor category. There are some areas where we have been critical if New Balance, but these make a very good addition to the market. If you get the size right, they will provide top performance when you need it most, but solid traction and a well constructed upper that will aid touch and control in tight spots, while offering a very durable wear.

If you are looking to pick up a pair of Audazo, you can find them at and directly from NB website.

NB Auzaro Soleplate

New Balance Audazo

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