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New Balance Furon v7 Pro - Important Initial Reaction - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

New Balance Furon v7 Pro – Important Initial Reaction

New Balance Furon v7 Initial Reaction

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the chance to wear the new New Balance Furon v7 and I can already give you a pretty accurate breakdown of what you can expect should you pick-up a pair.

First thing to note, the all-new Furon v7 is crafted for zero distraction and features an innovative Hypoknit upper, with mesh lining and off-set lacing, delivering impressive lockdown, support, and an increased strike zone. Over the past few generations, New Balance has continually upgraded the performance you get from the Furon. We have seen vast improvements in how they feel and fit on foot. So, naturally I was excited to see what these had to offer when they arrived in.

New Balance Furon v7 Lacing System

New Balance Furon v7 On foot performance

New Balance Furon v7 Upper

Ok, here is what you can expect. Out of the box, they are going to feel stiff. That wasn’t something I had expected, especially since prior generations were so easy to break in. They lasted about 5 minutes first time I took them out, the upper just felt oddly off. Second wear, they lasted a little longer, but I still couldn’t stay in them an extended period. Even when I was able to wear them for the first full game, they still felt like they were adjusting. It has a lot to do with that off set lacing and how it pulls the boot across your midfoot. It is a different type of lacing system to what we have seen before, so it might need some tweaks. The important thing here is don’t expect that they will break-in quickly.

BUT, when they break in and adjust to your foot shape, my word they are fantastic. I mean, they match the best of the best boots on the market in terms of comfort and form fit. The materials mold around you foot and create the most perfect connection right around your foot. I’ve worn them maybe a dozen times at this point, and I’m absolutely loving them.

I’m going to wear them a few more times, then I’ll piece together a more comprehensive write up on them. But, I wanted to share some initial reaction for those that might be working on breaking them in and wondering if it was worth it. My advice, it will be worth it. They are an excellent boot!

Find pairs (including this colorway) at

NB Furon v7 On Foot

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