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Introducing New Balance’s TEKELA V4 Laces Soccer Cleats: A Fusion of Precision and Style

New Balance ‘Own Now’ Pack

New Balance seizes the moment with the release of fresh colorways for its renowned Furon v7, Tekela v4, and 442 v2 football boots, part of the ‘Own Now’ pack. Imbued with metallic silver and copper hues, these cleats are a testament to both male and female players’ prowess on the field. They urge athletes at all levels to ‘Own Now’ and embrace the present.

TEKELA V4 “Laces” – A Game-Changer

Taking center stage is the TEKELA V4 Laces. New Balance brilliantly re-imagines the conventional soccer boot by presenting the much-anticipated laced version of its signature laceless Tekela. This new iteration offers players a refined, low-cut silhouette, combining the aesthetics of streamlined design with the practicality of laces for personalized fit and lockdown.

What sets the TEKELA V4 Laces apart?

Customizable Comfort: With its laced design, players can attain their ideal fit, optimizing comfort and ensuring stability during those intense game moments.
Advanced Hypoknit Upper: This feature ensures both stretch and support where it’s most needed, catering to the foot’s dynamic movements during play.
3D Moulded FuelCell Insole: Experience unrivaled comfort and a propulsive sensation, driving your gameplay forward.
Precision Ball Control: Its lightweight upper casing enhances touch, providing players with optimal ball control.
Multi-directional Traction: Thanks to the conical and angled rim studs, players can expect top-notch traction and support for multidirectional movement.

NB Tekela V4 Low Cut

Tekela v4 Laces

Though the laceless version of the TEKELA V4 remains a favorite for those seeking an uninterrupted upper for a closer ball touch, it’s the laced version that truly exemplifies New Balance’s commitment to innovation, offering more choices for athletes who prioritize fit customization.

Spotlight on Other Noteworthy Releases

While the TEKELA V4 Laces captures our attention, it’s worth noting the Furon v7‘s impeccable features, from its Hypoknit upper and off-set lacing for an enhanced strike zone to its unique stud configuration for agile movement.

New Balance doesn’t stop there. The 442 FG, a nod to timeless football footwear, receives a color update, perfectly marrying style with relentless performance.

In essence, the TEKELA V4 Laces is not just another soccer cleat. It’s a blend of New Balance’s dedication to excellence and understanding of an athlete’s needs. Secure yours at and be part of this monumental chapter in football footwear.

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