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Tech Craft vs Strike Night Hypervenom – How Do They Compare?

Hypervenom Strike Night vs Tech Craft

After some research, you finally decide on the next pair of boots that you want to buy. In the midst of that decision process, you choose to wait it out for the next newest colorway to arrive. But, just as it arrives, a second version with a completely different naming convention is released to market. Just as you thought you had it all figured out, something is added to mix just to confuse you a little more.

A perfect example of that lies in what Nike has done with the Hypervenom 3 series. Between “Strike Night” and “Tech Craft“, players have two completely new style of boot options with different sets of performance characteristics. And both were released in the space of a week, leaving many wondering what both had to offer. In case you are looking to pick up your next pair, here is what you need to know about both high-profile boots.

How Are They Similar?

From the dynamic fit collar, to the Hyperactive soleplate, both the Strike Night and Tech Craft boots feature Nike’s latest performance updates. Basically, Nike has taken a prototype design and used it to mold each individual boot into its end product. Added to that is a primary focus to utilize Flyknit technology, with the upper of both boots including the soft knit material right throughout. And finally, both also take advantage of Nike’s ACC (All Conditions Control) technology across the upper to improve durability.

Hypervenom Flyknit vs Tech Craft

Hypervenom Upper Compared

How Are They Different?

As you can probably tell by looking at both, the only real difference lies across the forefoot and down through the lateral side of the boot. In order to create “Tech Craft”, Nike has strategically positioned a layer of leather. This is the darker, black portion that cuts across the region of your little toe, and runs right back around the instep and into the heel region.

Weight wise, Strike Night checks in at 7oz, while Tech Craft are 7.5oz. No surprises that there is a difference here, seeing as an additional piece of leather is added!

Feel On The Ball

So, what does the addition of leather mean? Well, it creates some additional padding through the control and strike zone, decreasing the amount of texturing found in the area. It basically means there is slightly more material between your feet and the ball, improving energy retention but decreasing the natural feel you get on the ball. Because of this, the material is also slightly stiffer, but you do get the added bonus of increased longevity. When it comes to striking shots, you get a more padded feel with Tech Craft, allowing you to put extra power behind your shots. But the benefit of Strike Night lies in how you are able to manipulate the ball more easily with increased feel and more depth to the PORON foam pods.

Hypervenom Compared

Which To Buy?

Well, that decision can only be answered by your own expectations in a boot. Strike Night follows the current Hypervenom 3 line-up, so they are very similar to what is already on the market. The design is really sharp, and the amount of definition through the forefoot really gives you an advantage on the ball. Tech Craft is all about the leather and allowing players the opportunity to have an added element in play, providing some additional grip and shock absorption through play.

My Choice Would Be….

Ok, so if I had to give an answer to this one it would definitely be Strike Night. But that has a lot to do with the visual design, something that Nike has nailed perfectly with a standout stealth look. On the ball, I appreciated the extra feel you get, with less material in between. Tech Craft is a great boot, don’t get me wrong, but they are not my preferred style. If leather is your thing, they are definitely worth checking out.

If you are looking for a pair, find them here: STRIKE NIGHT | TECH CRAFT

Tech Craft Hypervenom vs Strike Night Hypervenom

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