Wednesday , March 15 2023

What Size Boots Does Romelu Lukaku Wear?

Juan Mata in Lukaku's Boots

In case you missed it earlier today, Juan Mata posted an Instagram pic where he was wearing Romelu Lukaku’s huuugggge boots. His feet are absolutely lost in the giant mittens that grace the feet of the big Belgian striker. You wouldn’t be blamed if you mistook them for a pair of clown shoes.

So, what size boot currently grace his feet then? Lukaku is the owner of an incredibly big size 13.5UK. Wow!!!

In the images, you can see that Mata is wearing a pair of Lukaku’s adidas Purespeed, but during his first official Manchester United training session, Rom instead wore a pair of the new laceless adidas Nemeziz 360agility. In comparison, Mata, who also wears the adidas Nemeziz 360agility, is a size 8UK. And that would somewhat explain the substantial size difference then!

Lukaku Training with Man Utd

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  1. The best lukaku so much. He owner the big size UK. Very hekpfull. Thanks

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