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Umbro Medusae Pro – Feature Review

Umbro Medusae Pro Feature Review

Umbro’s latest reentry into the US market comes via a boot that combines magic touch and lightning speed. This time around it is the Medusae Pro that makes it debut, as Umbro takes a soft launch approach back stateside. There is a mix of traditional styling and modern performance on this one, and comes together in a very unique fashion.

No doubt, there will be a rush of Double Diamond fans eager to hear what the Medusae has on offer, so here is a feature review on what you can expect. Or, you can check them out at

Umbro Medusae Pro

What is Medusae?

In case you were wondering, the actual word “Medusae”, more commonly associated with use in the 1800s, actually has some pretty interesting meanings. included in that is something to do with Jellyfish!?! But in culture, Mudusae was the best known of the monster Gorgons of classical mythology; people who looked at her would turn to stone.


Kicking off this series is a quite unique colorway, as Umbro mix together what is officially listed as Dawn Blue/Fiery Red/Spectra Green. I can’t say it is the most eye-pleasing boot in the world, but it certainly is different and easy to spot on pitch. My only concern with design is how the stitching catches dirt through wear. The actual white leather upper is easy to clean, but the stitching is a little more challenging to keep looking new.


If you are trying to figure out the direction Umbro has taken with this release, think of a boot that offers similar appeal to the old-school adidas f50 adiZero series. Weighing in at only 6.4oz and featuring a soft k- leather vamp, this is a complete package made for today’s game. Umbro has utilized modern materials like a lightweight performance mesh on the midfoot and heel. And in-keeping to the tradition of recent releases, an integrated “A” frame structure helps to lock your foot in through every twist and turn. Underfoot, Umbro’s “Sprint” outsole helps to keep you light on your feet, while reducing pressure on the Achilles.

On foot, they are a very solid boot. There is nothing that makes them stand out from other similarly priced boots, but they definitely hold their own. The leather provides a clean touch on the ball, while underfoot the stud configuration makes them an ideal choice for FG surfaces. If you are looking for a shooting boot, these don’t fit the mold. You definitely feel every ounce as you get behind solid strikes, but that plays as an advantage as you feel the ball more while dribbling and taking a first touch. One little addition to the boot that I do appreciate is the memory foam like padding placed on the underside of the tongue. It adds a little extra balance to the upper.

Umbro Medusae Leather Upper

Umbro Medusae Leather Upper + Stitching

Umbro Medusae Boots Tongue Design

Umbro Medusae Outer Profile

Umbro Medusae Instep

How do they Fit?

Here lies a boot that could be added to the other notable entries in our “Best Boot Options for Players With Narrow Feet” list. It isn’t an ideal narrow fit, but they definitely orient towards a more snug structure through the midfoot. If you really tighten up the laces, they definitely contour the foot very efficiently. In saying that, players with a wider fit can loosen up the laces and take advantage of the natural stretch you will get from them through wear. Adding so much stitching through a K-leather boot is intended to provide additional strength, but it also means the material is more likely to have some room to stretch before molding to its final shape.

Retail Details

Here in the US, there are currently two colorways available to choose from, both currently on sale for $159.99 (original retail is $199.99). They definitely serve as a solid option for players that are familiar with Umbro boots or for players that want something just a little different. When it comes to the lightweight leather boot category, they are one of only a select few currently available.

You can currently find the Medusae Pro available at

If you have any questions, comments or personal opinions on the Mudusae Pro series, feel free to leave them in the comments below and we can get a discussion started. 

Umbro Medusae Soleplate

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  1. How is sizing compared to a Nike boot size 11? Or adidas size 10.5?

  2. My foot lenght 26cm, this boot requires downsize or not??

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