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New Balance Furon 3.0 Released – A First Look

Furon 3.0 Profile

Today was a very big day for New Balance football. Why? Well, they released their third generation Furon boot, and this one has the potential to be a real game changer. NB agai nail down a standout visual design, going with a Military Dark Triumph/Alpha Pink as their release colorway. But in reality, designs from NB have always been bang on. The general shape and feel of the upper is where fans have been craving something more. Here is how New Balance described the Furon in their press release today:

Furon 3.0 is designed for players that step onto the pitch for a single, momentous opportunity, defining the outcome of a game by devastating the opposition’s defence. Furon players use their skills, blazing acceleration and devastating strike accuracy, to produce quality on the ball in critical moments. They have been designed with accuracy and acceleration in mind. A lightweight-engineered hybrid mesh with zonal support frame allows a cleaner strike for deadly finishing.

The Furon 3.0 is available and ready to ship today at

New Balance Furon 3

NB Furon 3 Upper

NB Furon 3 Side View

NB Furon 3 Collar

Given the harsh criticism we have directed toward recent New Balance releases, there is a lot of pressure on the brand to deliver something that truly works for everyday players. Just to note here, we have never criticized New Balance for taking a negative stance in how they tackled the market. Their designs are spot on, and there are a lot of pro players that enjoy the performance of the boots. But, the general shape of the boots and the upper materials used have been all wrong for the wider market. There is something very different about the Furon 3.0. 

NB has taken a very modern approach with the upper, by using a lightweight  and very pliable TPU/Polyester mesh upper for explosive power and ball feel. It is so much softer than prior models. Technically speaking, the Furon offers players a Fantom Fit, where a selective melt process helps form fused areas on the boot for increased durability, structure and support around the foot. I’ve already worn these boots in a game, and I can tell you that is comes together really well. Again, this is definitely the best New Balance release to date, and shows the progress they are making to create something players want to wear. We are continuing to work on more comprehensive performance details, to give you a more accurate take on what they have on offer. Stay tuned.

If you want to be one of the first to own a pair, you can currently find them ready to ship today from

Furon 3.0 feature

New Balance Furon 3.0 Up Close

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