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Concave Halo+ Pro – Feature Review

Concave Halo+ FG Boots

When it comes to adding additional power elements to enhance boot performance, Concave are at the forefront of new technology. There are a whole lot of boots out there that lack a defined identity, but the Halo+ Pro is definitely not in that category. This is a silo cemented in and around the arena of shooting, intended to compliment attacking players and those that want to take advantage of an added sweet spot. In reality, this is a pretty complicated boot that you really need to breakdown in order to understand. Some call them “cutting edge”, while others refer to them as being “too gimicky”.

Here is our short take on what you can expect from the Halo+ Pro, we will let you decide where they fall!

Concave Halo+ FG

Concave Halo+ Soleplate

Colorway and Design

Visually, you really can’t knock what Concave has produced here. There is a lot of dimension to the Halo+, so adding a simple black upper allows for a casual understanding of what is in play. It is not a complete blackout though, as White is added through key Concave locations to ensure players know what boots you have on your feet.

It is underfoot where Concave has hit a serious high note. Design wise, the look is crisp and extremely appealing with a large HALO hit placed under a transparent plate. Since it is relevant here, lets talk traction performance real quick, and how they play out on FG surfaces. Very well is the answer. Visuals plus performance, underfoot is an area where Concave has really nailed this boot perfectly. Even with their wild bladed configuration, they won’t disappoint for players that expect grip and release into quick bursts of acceleration. Two thumbs up here!


Moving on the upper and what many deem to be the more radical pieces of this boot. Back when Concave were originally released to market, we were absolutely against the style and design of the large Concave front shield. This is the big rubber piece that sits on top of the lacing system. In the time since, it has been trimmed down and is now referred to as Powerstrike Technology. The updated design is far more efficient but it still leaves you questioning why it is there. You have to adapt to how it feels when controlling and shooting the ball, often resulting in too much rebound off the surface. Plus, the weight distribution produces a different fell on foot. So, you spend a lot of time adjusting to the new style. That is all well and good if you anticipate wearing Concave boots on the pitch for the rest of your career I guess. Does it enhance power? It definitely offers some additional rebound while reducing the feel/impact as you strike the ball. For players in need of some added protection across the forefoot, that is a definite positive.

The forefoot features a mix of ridges and what look like remixed adidas Predator rubber elements. It all plays a role in enhancing touch and reaction as you strike the ball, with some additional grip addded via connection with the rubber. There isn’t anything outlandish about what you experience, unless it is to increase the mental aspect and provide a sort of placebo effect. We have seen similar additions across the forefoot really impact performance and you feel the effects in play. Bbut with the Halo+ there is a much larger emphasis placed on the Powerstrike Technology and I didn’t personally find the forefoot enhanced performance.

Concave Halo+ Upper Touch

Concave Halo+ Compnent

Concave Halo+ Instep Touch

How do they Fit?

Large! It is a very common theme I’ve expereinced with Concave boots. There is a lot of space and the footbed seems to be modelled on a much larger size than advertised. I wore a size 9US and in reality I could have worn a size 8US. There is that much of a difference. If you are considering a pair, I’d definitely recommend considering going a half-size down to get a more snug and natural fit. In terms of width, they are pretty spacious so they are an option for wider fitting players.

If you are a wide fitting player, note that you can open the laces to increase the width through the midfoot, but the laces run through the large rubber Power element, resulting in additional time needed to get the fir just right. When you receive a new pair, take the time to readjust the lacing rather than wasting time when you arrive at training or practice.

Retail and Availability

If you are looking to pick up a pair, Concave have finally made their boots more readily available in the US, via the official Concave website. Each pair retails with an original price of $160, while there are several colorways currently available on sale. Presentation of the boots is pretty top quality also. Concave use a pretty slick black box that is definitely higher quality than your standard issue release, and each tpo-tier pair comes with a matching boot bag.

Would I Buy A Pair?

Concave continue to evolve, and there is definitely room on the market for what they have on offer. Personally, I still can’t stand behind the design and recommend them to players as an everyday option. They are not a boot I’d invest my money in, primarily because they are a little too clunky and the added power element is not something that I need on a boot. But, if there is someone in need of something specific that matches the Halo+, then I’d absolutely say check them out. They are comfortable on foot, provide some protection across the upper and do offer some additional power for those that want to take striking the ball to the next level.

Concave Halo+ Upper Control

Concave Halo+ Power

Concave Halo+

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