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Re-engineered Concave Halo+ 2019 Released - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Re-engineered Concave Halo+ 2019 Released

Concave Halo 2019

Concave is back with a new release that takes the brand in a radically new direction. Introducing the comfort focused Concave HALO 2019.

If these look significantly different from previous Concave releases, you should be able to work out exactly what the key change is. Gone is that large Concave element that sat across the laces, and in comes a new technology called ACCUSTRIKE. On the outer sides of the laces, Concave has added what they call the ACCUSTRIKE Railing System (ARS), a technology designed to increase the sweet spot and improve accuracy by guiding the ball as you shoot.

Concave accustrike Technology

For the first release in the series, they have kept things simple visually by using a classic Black upper with Red detailing. The message is clear here; focus on the performance of the boot distraction free, not how they look.

There are two versions of the boot available; a K-leather and Concave’s own Maze Synthetic. Maze is engineered by fusing mesh with texturized synthetic, the images here are this version of the boot. There is also a raised textured grip strips through the forefoot, to enhance touch and control on the ball. We will have pictures of the K-leather version to go with our upcoming feature review!

That leads to the final question; are these better than previous Concave releases? The answer is a definite yes. The Accustrike rails are a lot less intrusive and definitely don’t impact the rigid nature of the boot across the lacing. Their role is to cup the edges of the ball on firm shots through the strikezone. Having worn them several times, I can assure you that it is significantly upgrades the performance of the HALO series, while providing players with something just a little different!

Find the Concave HALO 2019 collection right now at

New Concave Halo 2019

New Concave Halo 2019 Profile View

New Concave Halo 2019 Soleplate

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