Tuesday , April 16 2024

Hulk Signs Up To Wear Concave Boots

Hulk with Concave Aura Boots

Concave are continuing to make waves in the market, this time with the signing of one of the games most powerful players. This might be more like a ripple than a wave, but Hulk has signed up with the brand, and it looks like the Aura+ will be his boot of choice.

Of course, this move means Hulk leaves his long-term contract with Mizuno, one that was extremely prolific for the Japanese brand. He might not be in the spotlight like he once was, but the Shanghai SIPG striker has a cult following and his signing is pretty significant. This is sure to provide Concave with an immediate boost in popularity, and probably boot sales!

If you are interested in the Concave Aura+, find them at soccer.com.

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