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ShinGuards – New Options To Check Out 2018

Shin Guard Options 2018

Since the last time we ran a feature on shinguards, there have been several fresh, high-profile new options added to the market. Picking a new pair is often a pretty important decision, especially when you consider the fact most players end up wearing the same pair for several seasons at a time. In fact, I can only remember switching my guards once or twice in the past ten years!

Below, you will find pics of the guards on leg. The left leg has just the sleeve/guard, while the right leg gives you an idea of how it looks under a sock. If you are currently wearing a different pair of shinguards that you’d recommend, let us know what they are in the comments below.

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Storelli Bodyshield Leg Sleeve

Storelli Bodyshield Leg Sleeve

Retail: $29.99
Key Feature: Leg Sleeve with added padding around the calf.

If you are going to pick up a pair of these, note that you are still going to need a pair of slip in shin guards to protect your shins. Storelli looked to create the first and only armored shin pad sleeve, offering protection to the calf area where you normally wouldn’t have any protection. Slipping them on is easy, and they have gripped panels on the top and bottom to keep them locked against your leg. Personally, I didn’t find them to be tight enough out of the box, and most guards already come with some sort of additional sleeve. Where these will be most useful is if you feel the need for added protection that you don’t currently get from your guards.

G-Form Shin Guards

G-Form Pro-S Shin Guard

Retail: $29.99
Key Feature: One piece sleeve/guard that hardens on impact.

G-form has continued to make huge strides on the soccer market over recent seasons, as their guards become a popular option for players. Designed to harden on impact, the guard has a soft foam feel in its natural state. Very lightweight with full impact protection, plus they are built into a sleeve you can throw in the washing machine. There is a lot to like about these! Slipping them on is very easy, and they fit comfortably in place thanks to the fact they are built with multiple foam pieces. Definitely a top market option.

Nike Protegga Pro Shin Guards

Nike Protegga Pro

Retail: $39.99
Key Feature: Sleeve plus a guard insert that is designed to be flexible and form around the leg.

Here lies the one guard on the list that comes with a separate sleeve that you slip them into. The sleeve itself is very Nike-esque, a thin piece of material that has a compression stretch to it. There is no pocket for the guards, they simply slip under the sleeve and against your leg. The guards themselves have a L and R configuration, so different shapes for each leg. Starting off, they feel very rigid, but Nike has formed them with grooves that flex to make them more form fitting. it will take some bending, but you can easily mold them to your leg shape. The material used is a high impact K-resin shell with a Phylon-molded foam backing, giving you a two tier protection system.

Puma FUTURE Shin Guards

Puma FUTURE 18.1

Retail: $54.99
Key Feature: One piece sleeve/guard with a compression foam shell.

There are a lot of similarities between the design of the FUTURE guards and the G-Form guards. The one big difference is that Puma use a one-piece design, with a larger surface area protected by the foam padding. Built into a compression sleeve, they offer a seamless, low profile fit that hugs your foot very well with no slipping. When you slip them on for the first time, they don’t really feel like they are going to offer a lot of protection. But, slam your first against them and you quickly see how the material reduces the amount of impact and protects extremely effectively.

C6 Guards

C6 Agility Generation 3

Retail: $144.99
Key Feature: 100% carbon fiber shin guards with aerospace grade protection.

Even after testing these latest guard releases (and more), I still go back to the C6 as the absolute best of the best currently available on the market. They come with a very high price point, but they really are worth the investment. I’ve been wearing mine for the past few seasons and I love the extremely thin profile (they are so much thinner than any other guards currently available) that sits perfectly in place under your socks, while still providing excellent protection. If you are on the market for something long term, these are absolutely worth checking out! Note that they don’t come with any sleeves, you will need to buy separately.

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