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World Cup 2018 Jerseys – How Do They Fit?

World Cup 2018 Soccer Jerseys

We are only a few weeks away from the start of the 2018 World Cup. Oh, yes!!!! With no USMNT to support (and in my case Ireland) there are probably a few of you out there trying to find a tcountry to follow during the tournament. It makes things just that little bit more interesting when you are invested in a team, after all. And that might include picking up a kit to wear come game days.

That is why we decided to put together a breakdown for each brand, giving you some idea of what to expect if you are looking to find a new kit. For each brand, we picked up a size medium replica jersey (not the official game jersey) and here is some details on how they fit.

*note: we are still waiting for some brands to release their World Cup kits and for them to become available in the US. As they do, we will update the post.

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adidas Mexico Jersey 2018


Countries: Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Egypt, Germany, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Spain, Sweden

Key Feature: CLIMALITE sweeps sweat away from your skin so you stay dry every step of the way.

Jersey Worn: Mexico
$90 (see all adidas World Cup Jerseys)

Fit + Feel: Right through the body, this is a very natural style jersey that is designed to be form-fitting. Its comfortable, with a little bit of extra space through the chest. adidas use a layer of stitching around the outer side of the shoulder that creates a structured fit. It basically creates an angled fit that runs down the contour between your shoulder and arm. To the touch, the material is very soft, which adds to the comfort of the wear.

Nike Brazil Jersey 2018


Countries: Australia, Brazil, Croatia, England, France, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Korea

Key Feature: Nike Breathe fabrics move sweat from your skin and feature highly breathable construction to help you stay dry and comfortable. With DRI-FIT technology.

Jersey Worn: Brazil
$90 (see all Nike World Cup Jerseys)

Fit + Feel: Nike create their jerseys to be form-fitting, which means they are slightly snug across the chest. But in terms of how the kit feels on, it is very natural. It is the one kit that seems to provide the most confident fit. I’m a fan of the sleeves, as they come down just the right length and have a pretty ideal tightness around the upper shoulder. One thing to note about this jersey is that it has a different feel to the other kits. It is almost like a layer of water on top of the jersey, where it has a slightly tackiness about it. But not in a negative way. It is just different, obviously related to the tech used in the material.

Puma Uruguay Jersey 2018


Countries: Senegal, Switzerland, Uruguay

Key Feature: dryCELL moisture management. Highly functional materials draw sweat away from your skin and help keep you dry and comfortable during exercise.

Jersey Worn: Uruguay
$90 (see all Puma World Cup Jerseys)

Fit + Feel: Normally, Puma are the brand with the tightest fitting jerseys. But that isn’t the case here. Instead, the fit is very relaxed right through the chest and stomach area. The arms are cut a little longer than the other kits, with added space that makes it an ideal kit for players with large biceps! The neck is also cut pretty wide, so it sits a little lower on the neck than the other brands.

New Balance Costa Rica Jersey 2018

New Balance

Countries: Costa Rica, Panama.
Key Feature: NB Dry moisture wicking fabric. Releases moisture away from the body, fast drying.

Jersey Worn: Costa Rica
Retail: $85 (see all NB World Cup Jerseys)

Fit + Free: This is definitely the kit with the most unique fit, style and texturing. To the touch, it is a very soft kit with a square style pattern through the body. Through the sleeves and shoulder, NB use a lot of stitching, which gives natural structure through the area. But it also results in a pull in the jersey as you raise your hands in the air – to celebrate of course. The neck cut is rounded, so it creates a tight fit and makes the kit a little less breathable.

Errea Iceland Jersey 2018


Countries: Iceland

Jersey Worn: Iceland
Key Feature: Made with a breathable double-knit fabric, with mesh inserts on the sides.

Retail: $90 (see all Iceland World Cup Jerseys)

Fit + Feel: There is no real tech advertised with the Errea kit. But in reality, I think that proves to be a positive. Simply put, this has the fit, cut and feel of a pub worn jersey. In other words, it is ideal for fans that want a kit they can wear around the town and not really wear to play in. The design is stylish, and there is a relaxed fit across the shoulders into the chest area. Length wise, it is a little shorter than the other kits, which might be a problem if you have a beer belly to cover. But for your standard fan out there, it comes down just below the belt buckle.

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Umbro Peru Jersey 2018


Countries: Peru, Serbia

Jersey Worn: Peru

Retail: $90 (see available Umbro Jerseys)

Fit: This is the one jersey on the list that has a replica price but an official game jersey fit. In other words, it fits very snug right across the body. If you are pretty athletic and want a true form fitting jersey, it makes an ideal choice. But if you have any kind of Dad bod, it is probably not a jersey you are going to want. Going up a size might be a better option, but I can’t guarantee the fit will be too much looser. One other note about this kit, the sash that runs across the body actually has a thick seem inside the jersey that isn’t all that comfortable. Normally on kits, the join between materials is cut specifically to avoid any discomfort. But for some reason Umbro has taken a different approach, something that is compounded by the tight fit.


Countries: Denmark

Jersey Worn:




Countries: Tunisia

Jersey Worn:



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