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World Cup Final Winning Goal Scorers and the Boots They Wore!

World Cup Winning Goal Boots

There have been some wonderful moments of magic in recent World Cup finals, but none more so than the goals that have won it all. Pretty much every soccer player has dreamed of being the player to score the wining goal in a World Cup final. The actual list of players who have done it is very short! Can you imagine the feeling of being the person responsible for bringing the Coupe du Monde back home to your country?

Here we take a look back at more recent history – since 1990 –  and recap what boots the winning goalscorer was wearing on their feet.

Brehme 1990

1990 – Andreas Brehme (adidas)

Stepping up instead of Lothar Matthäus, who was missing a stud in his boots, Andreas Brehme scored the winning goal via the PK spot in a pair of traditional adidas Copa Mundial. They were the boot of the moment, and were part of a pivital moment in international soccer.

1994 – *PKs

Hosted in the US, the 1994 final went to penalties, with Brazil beating Italy. It is the Roberto Baggio penalty, that probably still hasn’t landed, that people will recall from that final.

Zidane 1998

1998 – Zinedine Zidane (adidas)

France won 3-0, with Zidane scoring the first and second goal. As is the case with all Zidane’s incredible goals, he had a pair of adidas Predator Accelerator. These were without a doubt one of the best Predator boots to be released, and we are getting a special remake this summer!

Ronaldo 2002

2002 – Ronaldo (Nike)

Seen as one of the first ever speed specific boots released, Ronaldo wore the Nike Mercurial Vapor I in Chrome/Lime during the 2002 World Cup. We have already seen remakes of this signature boot that will stand as one of the most easily recognized boots worn in a world cup. Just looking at the pic, they are unmistakable!

2006 – *PKs

Italy beat France on penalties after the game finished 1-1. This is the game that will always be remembered from the Zidane moment of madness, when he headbutted Marco Materazzi.

Iniesta 2010

2010 – Andrés Iniesta (Nike)

Iniesta scored the decisive goal in the World Cup Final against the Netherlands in the second half of overtime on July 11th, 2010 while wearing the CTR360 Maestri. Released as past of the World Cup Elite series, it might have been hard to distinguish the actual boot but the Nike brand was easily recognizable thanks to the Mach Violet and Total Orange colorway!

Gotze 2014

2014 – Mario Götze (Nike)

Magista = Magic. This is even more true if your name is Mario Götze and you are coming onto the pitch late a World Cup final locked at 0-0. Even though he didn’t make the 2018 roster, Götze will always be remembered for his goal winning volley in Brazil while wearing the Nike Magista Obra. Gotze never cleaned the historic boots. The incredible part is that his left boot, that was responsible for scoring the game winner, was auctioned off for €2m with all proceeds going to German charity ‘A Heart for Children’. Incredible!!!

2018 Golden Boot Trophy

2018 – ?????

Who do you guys think will take the 2018 accolade of World Cup final goal scoring boot? All bets are on adidas and Nike considering they hold around 90% of the boots worn between both brands. But, Puma has some serious goalscorers on their cards. Think Griezmann (my favorite), Giroud and Aguero.

Let us know in the comments which brand you think will win it.

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