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Initial Reaction to the Concave Volt+ Knit

Concave Volt+ Knit

Concave; a brand that continues to slowly evolve in a positive fashion. Their latest offering, the Concave Volt+ Knit, just arrived in and they are very different. Providing a unique mix of speed focused performance with a low-cut knit style ankle collar, this is a boot you have to dissect to really understand. I’ll do that more in a future review.

For now, I wanted to talk about a few observations with this release, part of the Insurgent Force Pack, in case you were interested in a pair. First thing, where many brands fall short is in their evolution, following market trends and listening to player expectations. I haven’t been an ardent Concave fan, but they listen to criticism and find ways to make subtle alterations that improve their offering while sticking to their core beliefs. This release is another example of positive steps in their boot presentation and overall performance elements.

Concave Volt+ Knit Box

Concave Volt+ Knit TechStitch

Concave Volt+ Knit PowerStrike

Concave Volt+ Knit Collar

Concave Volt+ Knit Heel

There are numerous things I like about this release that are worth pointing out:

  • Presentation – Concave has upped their presentation game, presenting the boots in a box that has cross paneled window on top.
  • Boot Bag – A new perforated style box that I’d happily showcase around the place. It is super soft, with a more expensive feel than some other traditional boot bags.
  • Knit Collar – Rather than being a compression collar like we see on Nike and adidas releases, this micro-yarn collar is there to enhance comfort around the ankle, while also altering the performance of the PowerStrike. How? Well, the knit covers the PowerStrike, reducing the curvature around the sides. This produces a more uniform strike region that still falls into the power category of performance.
  • PowerStrike – I’ve got to follow-up on this one, but compared to previous Concave releases, the PowerStrike feels a little thinner and more pliable on this version. It folds really easily under your fingers, which makes it more responsive across your foot as you contact the ball.

Is this the boot the sways me toward being a full-time Concave wearer? Honestly, no. Not because I think they are a bad performing boot, or because I have a vendetta against Concave. Simply put, they don’t suit my personal style. I prefer streamlined and sleek, without any collar. That doesn’t mean they won’t provide the right balance of performance for other players out there. In fact, I’d label these as the best Concave release to date. And the fact you get some additional padding across the upper forefoot might provide additional benefits for players that need extra protection in the region.

They are available in the US right now (find them available at I do find that with a release like this price can be a big stumbling block. You are essentially paying as much for a pair as you would be for an elite level Nike or adidas boot, and that can cause a debate. Do you trust a new brand and altered style of performance, or do you stick with the name brand? Decisions……..

Concave Volt+ Knit On Foot

Concave Volt+ Knit FG Review

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