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The Big New Balance Secret Is OUT!!!

New Balance Tekela Review

The secret on New Balance is officially out and it needs to be shared now! Over the past few seasons, NB has fought for a piece of the boot market, with some high-profile releases. Big visuals, press releases and a number of influential signings helped them gain immediate attention. But let’s be honest, performance hasn’t been there, and that is something we have been pretty critical about.

BUT then came the arrival of a new line-up, right before the World Cup kicked off this summer. First was the introduction of a brand new silo, the Tekela 1.0 Pro. As it turns out, the Tekela (seen above) is the boot that turned the corner for NB and made believers out of non-believers. It is a boot a boot “for the innovators who use speed and maneuverability to change the outcome of games.” We tested the Tekela and the results were all positive.

a boot “for the innovators who use speed and maneuverability to change the outcome of games.”

Then there was the reinvented Furon 4.0 (seen above), a boot we have had in hand for several weeks. Unfortunately, fear took over and the thoughts of testing a boot that is part of the Furon silo just wasn’t very appealing. The shape and fit were continually off, now providing enough comfort through wear. Earlier this week, it was time to break them out for the first time, and am I glad I finally did! In fact, it left me regretting the fact I hadn’t worn them sooner. The fit is sooooo much better, and the comfort level is right in line with expectations. There is a whole lot more to discuss about the Furon 4.0, something I will do in an upcoming review!

Which then leads me to the reveal of the very “secret” secret! New Balance are now for real. They are a true market player with huge potential going forward. They can officially be taken seriously. Both the Tekela and the Furon are boots you can easily add to the must wear list right now. We are talking a huge transformation and I’m personally delighted to be able to add them to the “recommended” lists going forward. Congrats New Balance on figuring out a successful direction and we are now looking forward to seeing what is to come!

If you want to get in on the New Balance action, now is a really good time. Why? Because there are a bunch of boots currently on sale for ridiculous prices! Yes that comes from the reputation NB has built up over the past few seasons. But, if you stick to boots in the Tekela 1.o or Furon 4.0 series, I am confident you won’t be disappointed!

Check the entire line-up of NB boots currently available at

New Balance Tekela FG On Feet

New Balance Furon 4.0 On Foot

New Balance Tekela Kinetic Stitch

New Balance Furon FantomFit

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