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Tread Labs Stride Thin Insoles For Soccer Review

Tread Labs Inserts Soccer Review

Players in need of a new insole, here is a brand and insert worth checking out! Tread Labs have created an insole called Stride Thin that is intended for shoes with thin removable inserts, or in other words soccer cleats. From player feedback, finding a thin insole that is customizable to soccer boots is pretty tough to find.

We understand the obvious benefits from having the right insoles in your boots. From pain relief (as a result of plantar fasciitis and soreness from improper alignment) to improving your performance (improve your game with better bio-mechanics) it is vital to get the decision right. Through my career, I haven’t had the need to wear inserts. So, I can’t offer personal experience with these. But I can base insight off of fellow players feedback who have a definite need to wear inserts during play. And everything about these has been positive, especially the fact they have a lower profile than most inserts, allowing you to take out the thin insole found in most boots and replace it something that still provides a more natural fit in your boots.

Tread Labs Insole

Tread Labs Insert in Soccer Cleats

So, what is on offer here? Well, Tread Labs use a molded polypropylene arch support, with a 3mm high rebound polyurethane foam on top. Basically, this is a two piece system with a low friction, 100% polyester fabric in place as the top cover. It is also treated with a PURE antimicrobial treatment, something that could be useful when it comes to any smell over time. As is the case with most inserts, it may feel aggressive to start. After a few days, it should start to provide the correct type of structure through your midfoot and arch, and feel like it’s always been there. Give your feet time to get used to the arch support they need!

You can also choose the height of the arch depending on how much support you need, and that is obviously very important when getting the correct fit. This runs from X-High to Low (as seen in the image below.) You should invest a few minutes to determine your arch height and reap a lifetime of benefit! Final note, the upper portion of each insole can be replaced when needed. The bottom piece goes with a lifetime replacement guarentee (so you will never have to pay for another one) but the upper can be replaced with fresh cushioning as needed over time, or other sized covers to allow you to wear them in other shoes also.

Find the Stride Thin directly available at Tread Labs Website.

Tread Labs Insole Heights

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