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Nike Phantom Vision 2 Pro DF Review

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Nike Phantom Vision Pro 2

When referring to top mid-tier boot options, the Nike Phantom Vision Pro 2 always seems to be part of the conversation. With an appearance that mimics the Elite version, this is the type of release that many players will drift toward wanting to test.

But note that if you are on the market for a pair of Nike Phantom Vision Pro, now is the time to act as they begin to phase out. The introduction of the Phantom GT means that the retirement process for the Phantom Vision has begun. Good news; that means that pairs are on sale right now and will continue to be until they are sold out. Bad news; they are a very popular boot, so sizes are already starting to disappear.

Even so, we were able to pick up a pair and wanted to take the opportunity to answer some key questions about them. This will hopefully give you an idea of what can be expected if you do decide they are a boot that you want to try.

Nike Phantom Vision Pro Upper

Nike Phantom Vision Pro Upper Performance

What have they got on offer? Where these really excel is in collar and lacing system. Built using an articulated Dynamic Fit Collar, you get a seamless, locked in fit right around the ankle. Added to that, the Ghost Lacing system provides a clean control surface and strike zone. Both combined are a real highlight and provide a similar type of performance as found on the Elite level.

Next would be the textured upper, which provides a lot of extra feel and control on the ball. The actual texture and gradient is very similar to what is found on the Elite level, so there are a lot of similarities in how the ball interacts with the surface of the boot. Where both versions differ is in the pliability of the upper material, and that is where you have to pay up to get the better performance.

Does the Phantom Vision Pro feature laces? Yes, they do. And again that is one of the real benefits to have a Ghost Lacing system, where the laces slip in under the cover and stay out of the way. You get the ability to be able to tighten the laces and create a personalized fit, while still having that laceless styling in play.

How Does the Nike Phantom Vision Pro Fit? Because of the materials used in the upper of the Phantom Vision Pro, they actually fit a little tighter than I expected. There isn’t a whole lot of give in the synthetic, it holds firm shape right through the forefoot. So, from first wear they are very snug on foot. With the Phantom Vision Elite, there was some give in the upper that created a comfortable form fit after a few wears. I didn’t get that with the Pro version. In reality, I think an extra half size up would have made a difference width wise. But then you get the extra length that comes along with it. If you have a narrow fit or enjoy wearing Mercurial boots, then stick true to size. If you have a wide foot, I’d actually consider looking elsewhere for a more accommodating fit.

What about Phantom Vision Pro 1 vs 2? I actually think Nike took a huge step back with this second version compared to the original. It has a lot to do with the fit around the lacing, where Nike seem to have tightened up the Ghost Lacing System, making it fit a lot tighter across the top of your foot. I’m not quite sure what the reasoning was behind this – I’m sure Nike had a reason – but it definitely created a different type of fit on foot.

Is it worth paying up to get the Elite version? Right off the bat, that would have to be a definite yes. In general, I am a fan of what Nike produce in the mid-tier range. They do a great job at keeping performance high while mimicking the visual look of the top-tier. In this instance, I feel like the performance gap is further apart than usual, which means I’d find myself recommending the Phantom Vision Elite more than the Phantom Pro.

Are they a value for money option? Considering their current sale prices, I’d have to say absolutely. Now, you do need to factor in some key characteristics like the actual fit compared to your foot shape (as per above) but for players that get the correct size, they are an excellent option.

Final note, visually these boots are striking. At first glance, it is extremely difficult to tell these apart from the Elite version. But even if you could tell them apart, these still look the part and provide a premium look on foot.

You can find all remaining pairs of Phantom Vision Pro 2 at soccer.com.

Nike Phantom Vision Pro 2 Side Profile

Nike Phantom Vision Pro Review

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  1. A very good shoe, I like it because the upper of the VSN2 provides great grip on the ball and the vision are comfortable to wear, lacing up into the Quadfit bootie.

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