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Five Reasons Why The Nike Phantom GT Pro Is Considered A Top Mid-Tier Option

Nike Phantom GT Pro FG

Over the past few weeks, the Nike Phantom GT Pro has quickly drifted into my list of top mid-tier boot options. In fact, they are the type of boot that could technically be classified as a top-tier option when you compare them against other similar top-tier options!

They might be a toned down version of the Phantom GT Elite, but there is still a lot to unpack with the Phantom GT Pro. One thing that Nike does extremely well is cater to players that need a quality boot option at an affordable price. We have continually seen them deliver in this area, with these being no different. And since they have made such a strong impression on me personally, I figured I’d break down the top five reasons why I would recommend them as a top-mid tier option.

Nike Phantom GT Pro Unboxing

Nike Phantom GT Pro

#1 – They Look Just Like the Phantom GT Elite

Seriously, I would guess that 90% of people that saw these for the first time, without knowing what they were, would rate them as a top-tier release. From the weight, textured upper to the knit collar, they have some serious visual appeal. I actually handed them to some friends without telling them what they were, and you could tell they were impressed with the overall quality. And that transitions to on pitch, where they offer a very high level of performance.

#2 – Generative Texture Upper

What the boot is all about – that revolutionary Generative Texture (where the GT comes from) upper. The actual texture and placement is based on athlete testing and varies in thickness and density across different areas of the upper to provide more precise touch and control on the ball. We are talking about a little extra grip that helps create a cushioned touch and optimal spin on strikes. It is very prominent right across the surface of the boot, with the nice thing being it doesn’t take away from the softness of the material. That was a genuine concern I had before testing them, but it really doesn’t take away from feel on the ball.

Generative Texture Upper

Nike Phantom GT Pro Upper Design

Nike Phantom GT Pro DF Collar

#3 – Comfort Is King!

It is the comfort and ease with which they break-in that gives them that added appeal. On foot, they provide a very commendable true-to-size fit length wise, with just a touch extra length to increase the forefoot cavity. I’d rate them as most suited to players who are in the medium-to-wide width category, primarily because they have more of a sleek, Mercurial style shape. When testing them, they felt a little narrow on foot right out of the box. But, when I got them out onto the pitch, they quickly loosened up and provided a personalized shape around my foot. Underfoot, they have a mix of conical studs and almost chevron shaped blades. Although I’m not a big fan of the blades, they are positioned in a way that they don’t create drag on turf surfaces. So, they still fall into the hybrid FG/AG category, allowing you to transition between both without needing a second pair of boots.

#4 – Flyknit Collar Design

The fact that they have a knit collar definitely also helps with the comfort. You get a little extra compression around the ankle with the bonus of stretch through the lacing area when you play in them. As most of you know, I much prefer laced boots over laceless, so having laces that you can loosen up with added compression around the ankle creates a secure, personalized fit. And that is something that I really appreciate from a mid-tier category boot option.

#5 – How They Are Priced!

And this is what I really appreciate about these. Nike could easily have listed them somewhere around the $150 to $160 range and no one would have questioned that decision. They seem to fit into that “almost top-tier” category. But, instead, they have kept them at a much more affordable price point, dropping in at $129.99. When you consider deals that you can find on pairs, they can easily be picked-up for under $100. That to me is tremendous value for what you are getting. If you find that you have an opportunity to pick up a pair at a good price, don’t hesitate.

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Phantom GT Pro

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