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How To Get Your Hands On A Pair of adidas X18.1

It is not often we get access to an older model boot that has been off the market for a few years. But, randomly, an entire line-up of top-tier adidas X18.1 has just shown up in a wide range of sizes, giving fans a second opportunity to own a pair. I just happened to spot this one and wanted to share, especially because I am sure there are players with similar positive memories of them like I have. I still have my exact pair in this colorway and will pull them out to wear every so often. Performance wise, they were absolute quality all around.

If you are not familiar with the X18.1 they were a release that reinvented the ideals of a speed boot, while taking direct inspiration from f50 releases of the past. Each piece of material seemed to integrate very effectively with the piece beside it, creating a quality boot that was highly received right from their introduction to the market.

Best part of all this is that the remaining pairs are available on sale, at an incredible price. So, you get an older model boot that we thought was unavailable for a deal.

Find remaining pairs available right now at

These are a dream boot right out of the box, with adidas creating perfect fit and form throughout. Take the area around the heel, where a memory foam style padding hugs the area as you slip into them. You just have to let your heel soak into the material and enjoy the feel through play. The upper on the X18.1 is called a SpeedMesh, and it very unique. adidas has created an extremely lightweight material that provides second skin-like fit with a barefoot-like touch on the ball. The blue upper material is perforated to create a little extra texturing, and it is then placed on a slightly thicker yellow under layer.

The addition of laces allows you to really dictate how snug they feel around your foot. Key here is to loosen the laces right up, down to the last wrung, before you put them on for the first time. I’ll always be a fan of laced over laceless just because it allows you to determine how they fit rather than relying on a materials that might suit one player more than another.

If you want something a little different or simply want to relive a boot of the past, these are absolutely worth checking out!

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  1. still looking for a pair 9.5 size – have an old pair and love them

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