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Adler Yatagarashu FG – Up Close

Adler Yatagarashu FG Boot Review

It is always fun to be able to check out a new pair of boots firsthand from brands trying to make a fresh splash on the market, especially when said boots are sent over directly from Japan! In this case, it is Adler who has unleashed a 2022 rebrand, dropping an entire line-up of luxury boots in their home country.

First thing, lets learn a little about the brand.

Adler is a Japanese sports manufacturer that has established itself as a brand specializing in Soccer boots over the past half century. “Simple” is best. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The classic and orthodox design that can continue to be a universal presence. “Made in Japan” boot are finished by Japanese craftsmen, one pair at a time, with the skill and care of a master.

After raving about the quality each release had on offer, fellow boot enthusiast Gaijin Boot Blog sent over a pair of Adler Yatagarashu so we could get an up-close look at them ourselves!

Adler Yatagarashu FG K-Leather Upper

Adler Yatagarashu FG Upper Details

If there is one thing you read from here, it has to be this; putting on a pair of Yatagarashu for the first time is like slipping your feet into a warm pair of slippers after walking on concrete barefoot on a frosty winters night. They are simply incredible right out of the box. You feel like a king putting them on as they mold right around your feet. They are built using a quilted kangaroo leather that is incredibly supple and stretches along your foot as it is worn.

There are other simple, signature features on them that the Adler has directly outlined and highlighted. Like, for example, the lace holes that are designed to easily adjust the fit and make use of the flexibility of the kangaroo leather. And the strategic stitching pattern across the entire upper is designed to produce a slight rigidity that is consistent throughout the boots.

Underfoot, things seem like they are old school and basic, but there is a lot more going on that you see. For example, you will find a KaRVO fiber and shank that helps reduce excessive bending and twisting in the mid and rear of the footbed, minimizing fatigue buildup and maximizing continued performance through wear. The urethane synthetic resin outsole does have a simple structure that provides excellent flexibility and allows for light and flexible movement. In other twist, we have discovered that the “Stitch Down Mackay Method” is used to sew together the sole using a special high-strength polyarylate fiber thread used in bulletproof vests.

In reality, with all the modern still release on the market this might not be the type of release that most players will seek out. But there are the purists out there who crave modern classics and the simpler side of the game. These are the traditionalists who thrive on crafter k-leather designs built with quality in mind. If you are one of these players, then you now have a new option to check out and research – having experienced them myself, I can assure you that they won’t disappoint!

To see more of the brand and their boots, head to Adler Japan.

Adler Yatagarashu Unboxing

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