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Charly Hyperstrike PFX Feature Review

Charly Hyperstrike PFX boot review

One of the latest cleats that Charly has released to market is the Hyperstrike PFX. What could be classed as their most advanced silo to date, the Hyperstrike is designed around Motion Knit technology for an ergonomic fit and freedom of movement. Matched with colorful upper designs and a competitive price point, they are likely to become a possible option for a lot of players. What do they have on offer and are they worth investing in?

Charly are a big name brand in Mexico, where they originated. But they are not in the same spectrum as big brands like Nike, Adidas or Puma. This means they are somewhat limited with the materials they use to create their releases, and they don’t do any major press releases to really drive up customer attention. For some, you might not have even heard about Charly as a brand before!

Charly Hyperstrike Motion Knit Upper

Motion Knit Upper on the Charly Hyperstrike PFX

Charly Hyperstrike Soccer Cleats

When it comes to Performance, the Hyperstrike is a very standard style release that manages to adequately perform without overwhelming the senses. Up close, you can see that detail was put into the design and that their was a focused approach put into their construction. The collar is a Neoprene type material, so has a somewhat cheaper feel to the knit collars found on elite level releases. It offers a similar stretch to more of the mid to lower tier releases from Nike and adidas. Does it serve its purpose? Yes, it helps to keep you comfortably locked down in place as you play.

The upper offers up an even more interesting role, especially when you see them up close. You can see how a layer of synthetic has been “melted” across the knit underlayer, adding extra durability to what is a very flexible material. Charly define this as they Motion Knit technology, implemented for an ergonomic fit and freedom of movement through wear. In play, I would say it provides a pliable feel on foot, especially as you wear them over time. But, it definitely doesn’t offer up the same pliable motion we have experienced with many other current market releases.

Charly Hyperstrike PFX Soleplate and Traction

They drop right into the control category thanks to the extra definition that exists across the forefoot, offering a little extra grip on the ball. I also like that the material itself is thin enough to ensure you create a nice connection between your foot and the ball as you dribble at speed.

When it comes to fit, they offer a similar sizing to most other releases you will find on the market. I went true to size with this pair, and they worked out just fine. If anything, I feel like they might have offered a slightly longer fit over time, with some stretch and natural adjustment loosening them up. If you find that you like a tighter fitting boot, I’d definitely recommend entertaining the option of going down a half size.

If you consider the current price of the Hyperstrike (down from $180 to $80) they have to be a boot that you at least research. There is absolute value on offer, especially for players that like to be a little adventurous and try something different. If you compare them to other brand options in that price range, they definitely have more to offer performance wise.

You can find all the latest Hyperstrike colorways available at

Charly Hyperstrike Review

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