Tuesday , May 30 2023

“What If” Nike Made Marvel Soccer Cleats

Thanos Mercurial Superfly Nike x Marvel

You have to appreciate when designers use personal interpretation to create concept boots, this time around jed.ai.master looks at the concept of Nike x Marvel. The end result is a wild and imaginative collection that gets your mind buzzing.

From Iron Man to Spider-Man and Thor, the Swoosh inspired collection covers a multitude of your favorite super heroes. There is even a nod to the dark side, with Thanos (as seen above) and Loki getting specialized designs.

Spider Man Thanos Mercurial Superfly Nike x Marvel

Iron Man Nike Soccer Cleats x Marvel

In reality, the constructions are not fully functional for soccer games. But the idea of creating a design that matches a Marvel character and placing them on their feet should they jump out on a soccer pitch is pretty fun. And who knows, maybe top brands can take some colorway inspiration from them!

*All credit for images on this post goes to jed.ai.master

Marvel-inspired Nike football boots

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