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Ethan Edwards

Ethan is our guy who is going to take things to the next level as a SoccerCleats101 pro player. He is set to play on one of the best high school soccer teams this Spring (Blacksburg HS, VA) and will be providing us with news and reviews from a competitive standpoint. Find him on Twitter if you want to talk High School soccer!

Things Adidas Need to Consider Before Releasing the Primeknit FS

On March 6th, Adidas lifted the curtain and revealed designs for the Primeknit FS Concept boot. Following the release of the Samba Primeknit, they decided to take the knit football boot design further, and make a sock/boot hybrid. Basically, Adidas designed these boots to act as a second skin. Although …

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Footballing Brothers and The Boots They Wear

Boateng Brothers

Family members have been known to find success in the same profession. The same is known for soccer players, as many have another sibling playing professional football. There is always that competition to be the best within the family that likely drives the players to success. Whether they are playing in …

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Boots Not By Position – Players that Wear What They Want

Nowadays, it seems like boots are designed for a specific positions and the players that wear the boots generally play the marketed positions. It is much rarer to see a forward sporting “heritage boots” or even a hard hitting center back wearing “speed boots”. So with all the hype surrounding …

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Select Royale Ball Review

The Select Royale is an official matchball that is NFHS approved and IMS matchball standard, and costs a very affordable $69.99. For the price, it has the potential to be one of the best value for money on the market, and it can be used in high school and collegiate …

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The SC101 Team “Best XI” in Boots

The SoccerCleats101 (SC101) Team has been hard at work bringing you in depth reviews and all things related to boots in the past few months. However, you probably don’t know what positions we play or what boots we are currently wearing! That’s why we have compiled a “SC101 Team Best …

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Buying and Selling Soccer Cleats on eBay

The online auction house that is eBay is a treasure trove for all those in the market for new boots. For those that don’t know, eBay contains endless steals and deals. Many boots can be found with big discounts, which generally are attributed to many reasons. For example, some boots …

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Quality or Quantity – Soccer Boot Version!

Mid Range Soccer Cleats

When buying soccer boots, many of us are on a budget. Unfortunately, we just have to face the fact that we can’t buy the newest colorway of each boot as they are released, or even buy new boots at the first sign of wear. So many of us turn to …

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How the Puma evoPOWER Performed This Weekend!

Puma evoPOWER Debut

We have seen a good number of stars switch into the all new Puma evoPOWER 1 boot. After the initial evoPOWER Camo teaser, Puma officially released the power boot on Friday. You can find the full details of the release here. Cesc Fàbregas, Marco Reus, Theirry Henry and new Puma signing …

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Best Fifa 14 Players and The Boots They Wear

Every boot is marketed towards a specific type of player, and more specifically, a type of action. Companies market their boots towards player styles, and generally their players wear the boots intended for them. A great example is Cristiano Ronaldo and his explosive speed, wearing the Mercurial Vapor. But how …

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Adidas Snapshot App Review

The first football tracking app released by adidas is something we haven’t seen before – the Adidas Snapshot App. It is designed to track your shots by giving the speed, distance and angle. So if you are in the dark about personal stats, then there is finally an app that …

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Nike Rolls Out Reflective Colorways for FC247 Collection

Nike Lunar Gato II Reflective

The big story in colorways as of late has been the release of Nike’s “Flash Pack“. The main focus has been on the four firm ground boots, with each receiving a reflective blocking design that is supposedly inspired by some on nature’s most magnificent creatures. However, there has been less …

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This Years Holiday Gift Guide for Soccer Players!

Xmas Soccer

Tis the season right? Well this season is all about cheer and tradition. Spread the Christmas cheer and follow up with tradition this Holiday with a fine gift. And the best way to shop for your loved one this season is getting him or her some top of the line …

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Nike, Adidas, Puma – Which Brand Comes Next?

Nike Puma or Adidas

The soccer boot world has been largely dominated by the actions of three “dominant” companies. The big three- Nike, Adidas, and Puma are the boots that you see on almost all pro players. Even in grade school leagues, kids wear the big cat logo, the swoosh, or the three stripes. …

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What to Wear For Various Alternate Soccer Games

Street Soccer Court

Street Soccer is any informal variety of association football/soccer. The idea of it is to provide a different spin on the traditional game, and it can help improve your skills in a variety of ways. Unlike the name leads you to believe, it doesn’t have to be played in the …

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