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Buying and Selling Soccer Cleats on eBay - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

Buying and Selling Soccer Cleats on eBay

Ebay Auction

The online auction house that is eBay is a treasure trove for all those in the market for new boots. For those that don’t know, eBay contains endless steals and deals. Many boots can be found with big discounts, which generally are attributed to many reasons. For example, some boots were worn once or twice (not even broken in!) and are for sale because they just don’t fit the current owner. And because they are no longer new, they can’t return the boots. So their loss is your gain! Ebay is also another great option for boots that can no longer be found in store and on online retailers.

However, eBay is not just for those looking for good boots on sale. It is a great option if you have boots that you no longer wear or just boots that you wan’t to get rid of. Either way, you can clear space and get a few extra bucks in your wallet.

>> Search eBay for Soccer Cleats

But be sure to read over a few tips before you click away. They can help enhance your overall experience and make you aware of potential dangers of buying.

 Tips for Buying

Other Soccer Cleat Companies

No. 1 – Look for “other brands”

There are many brands that can go unnoticed in eBay listings. Smaller brands like Pele Sports, Under Armour, Lotto, Umbro, Mizuno, Warrior, etc are generally generate a lot less views than the big three (Nike, Adidas, and Puma). You have the opportunity to get these boots at a lower price because lesser traffic means less bids.

Fake CR7
A fake CR7 Superfly Model

No. 2 – Don’t be scammed  

Before purchasing any boot off eBay, look for tell tale signs that may prove its authenticity. If it is a colorway that hasn’t been released or just doesn’t look like the boot you should be getting, stay away! If you stay with trusted sellers and sellers with good feedback, you are less likely to be tricked but always have your guards up.

No. 3 – Don’t get caught in bidding wars  

Put on the spot, many of us make some questionable decisions. Be sure to think over how much you are willing to pay so you don’t end up with overpriced boots due to an impulse decision. Sometimes its better to wait for another deal and avoid a last minute bidding war between buyers.

Tips for Selling

Ebay Sale

No. 1 – Use your own pictures

When buying on eBay, I feel a lot more confident when sellers upload pictures (more than one) of their own boots. This means that take pictures of your boots and don’t use stock photos or anything else online. Especially when selling used items- pictures help the buyer know the condition and help them know that there is nothing that should concern them.

No. 2 – Respond quickly to questions  

Customer service should be a high priority. To ensure full satisfaction, respond quickly to any questions and be sure to promptly ship sold items. That way, there is nothing the buyer can possibly complain about.

No. 3 – Competitively price your products  

If your products are priced to high they are obviously not going to sell. Be sure to look at similar boots on eBay and what they are going for, and list yours in that price range. Another thing I found to be helpful is adding a buy it now option so buyers can purchase the item without bidding. Sometimes, they may wan’t the item sooner rather than later or just don’t want to go through the process of bidding. Either way, its a plus if you can get them to spend a few extra bucks so they can get it earlier.

Nike Vapor 8 Clean

No. 4 – Be sure to describe the condition

For used items, explain how long you have used them and anything that could cause a problem. It is always better to come clean than to try and hide a problem and end up dealing with an unhappy buyer. Also, leave a line on how much life you think the boots have in them. For example, “These boots were lightly used for two seasons on turf. There is minor scuffing and discoloration from the turf but that doesn’t affect performance. I would say they have another two seasons left in them.”

No. 5 – Don’t forget the basics

Remember to add the basics! Item specifics such as size, type, width, and brand will help the listing show in more searches.

What are some of the best deals you have encountered on eBay? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Great post. While these things do seem like common sense, some people are still a little timid when it comes to buying on ebay. I personally have found some absolute gems on ebay and would highly recommend it if anyone is looking for older boot models that are in new condition.

  2. I’ve seen really good deals on eBay from a couple Russian sellers. Wonder if they are authentic? Anybody with experience buying from them?



  3. im interested in buying second hand soccer boost

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