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Nike Rolls Out Reflective Colorways for FC247 Collection

Nike Flash Pack

The big story in colorways as of late has been the release of Nike’s “Flash Pack“. The main focus has been on the four firm ground boots, with each receiving a reflective blocking design that is supposedly inspired by some on nature’s most magnificent creatures. However, there has been less of a spotlight on the colorways for the 247 collection.

If you aren’t familiar with the 247 collection, it was Nike’s update on the Nike5 indoor boots. Coming out with three new boots; the Lunar Gato II, Bomba Finale II, and Elastico Finale II. They were released in early March and they should start selling, with the indoor season quickly approaching for some and already here for others. The three indoor boots can be found for a little over $100.00 at and the outdoor boots at a little over $200.00.

Elastico Finale II

reflective pack nike elastico finale ii

This indoor boot features a bright white that will definitely stand out on the court. The reflective area is located on the heel panel, swoosh, and laces. The Elastico Finale II offers supreme comfort control, speed, and touch thanks to the Nike Skin upper. Personally, these look a lot like a mix between the Hypervenom and Mercurial, with a dimpled upper and streamlined feel. Also, I have to say that the colorway is simple and complex at the same time. Simple because it is white with a few highlights of gray, yet complex because it has a neon sole and reflective shine.

Nike Lunar Gato II

Nike Lunar Gato II Reflective

The Lunar Gato is similar to the Elastico’s colorway in that it has a bright sole and simple upper. The blue sole pairs well with the traditional feel of this boot while still giving some pop! They are reflective in the heel area and the swoosh is also reflective. Nike has really packed it’s two indoor boots with technology. The Lunar Gato II features a Lunarlon sole to increase comfort, and Hyperfuse technology to increase breathability and improve fit. These are the ideal boot for someone looking for new technology mixed in with traditional leather.

Nike Bomba Finale II

bomba finale ii

With a darker green shade on the sole, the Bomba Finale II also features a reflective heel and swoosh. The big difference between the Bomba and the Gato/Finale is the sole. The Gato and Finale were designed for indoor courts while the Bomba is made for turf. With an innovative sole that help with rotation and stability, the Bomba will be a go to option for many turf goers this winter. It also features a Nike Skin upper to aid touch and control.

What do you think of Nike’s reflective pack for indoor? Do you like it and how does it compare to the firm ground version? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. those all look really nice, especially the Elastico

  2. I think the idea of a white reflective pack makes much more sense on indoor boots than outdoor ones, but beyond that, I really like the designs of these. I'd like to see how they looked when the reflective elements were "on," but I really like that Nike brought this technology to their indoor line.

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