Tuesday , October 15 2019
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Puma King Finale Released

Although I have never been a huge fan of how the Puma King range looks, I have to admit that I am really liking this latest release! The Puma King Finale was first seen during this past summers World Cup when Argentinian Forward Martin Palermo debuted them. In what is …

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Puma PowerCat 1.10

Puma PWR C1.10 Ball Review

Following up on the successful adidas Jabulani review, we managed to get our hands on some other soccer balls to review with the Puma PWR C1.10 being the first. Puma have always been a top brand in terms of cleats and equipment, but I have never associated them with match …

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Puma V1.10 SL Lightning Released

Puma have just released a pretty unusual new version of the superlight weight Puma V1.10 SL, this one being created through the influence of the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt. This version is called the V1.10 SL Lightning and comes in a Jamaican yellow-and-green that gives the boot …

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Puma V1.10 SL Review

There is no doubting that the Puma V1.10 SL is built around speed! Weighing in at 5.3oz, it is currently the lightest soccer cleat to be released on the market and unbelievably light when you pick them up. But there are several other keys areas that need to be addressed …

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Puma V1.10 SL Preview

Just a quick video I took yesterday while testing the new Puma V1.10 SL, a full review of the superlight boot will be ready by this weekend. If you are going to order them before reading the review, make sure to order a full size larger as they fit extra …

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Just Arrived – Puma V1.10 SL

Currently the lightest soccer cleat on the market, the Puma V1.10 SL is built around pure speed. There has been a lot of talk about the sizing as they seem to fit a lot tighter than regular sized cleats. Well I have managed to get my hands on 2 sizes …

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Puma PowerCat Graphic

PUMA PowerCat 1.10 Graphic

Puma continue to pack on the new releases with this version in their Tricks series, the Puma PowerCat Graphic. It is not quiet my choice for “Best looking cleat of the year” but I am sure it is going to appeal to many players out there! To use a word, …

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Puma V1.10 SL Released – Puma Redefine Light

Out of nowhere, it seems, Puma are releasing an absolute beast of a boot that will officially be the lightest on the market; the Puma V1.10 SL. This boot is set to redefine lightweight, set to weigh in at an incredible 5.3oz…that is a half an ounce lighter than the …

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Puma JB Final range Released for Knockouts

Puma have released a new v1.10 JB Final and a Powercat 1.10 JB Final to celebrate the knockout stages of the World cup in South Africa. Puma have a huge presence in the African continent, and there is no doubt that they have been preparing for these releases for a …

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Puma v1.10 and PowerCat Tricks Released

Puma have upped the World Cup ante by releasing two very symbolic releases, the V1.10 Tricks and the PowerCat Tricks. Embracing the colors and culture of Africa, both version will be worn in South Africa by some of the games best players. Samuel Eto’o, Nicholas Anelka and Peter Crouch will …

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Puma King XL Unity

Last week it was new releases in the V1.10 and the PowerCat ranges. This week, it is a new version of their coveted Puma King XL Unity that has been attracting attention around the globe. This is primarily because of their design and roll in sending a unique message of …

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Puma Release Newest Versions of V1.10’s

Puma have released two new version of their V1.10 range in a PUMA Royal/PUMA Silver/Black and Black/White/PUMA Royal color. Both pairs are pretty opposite to each other in terms of color and fabric. Puma have chosen to release the black version in a k-leather, while the silver version is made …

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Puma PowerCat vs V1.10 Stud Configuration

This post is in reply to a recent comment we got on the Puma PowerCat review post. I wrote in the review that I noticed the cleat catching a little more on this release than I have on other cleats. Instead of just commenting on the post, I felt it …

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Puma PowerCat Review

Here it is, a full review of the Puma PowerCat! Since this is a World Cup year, there is a lot of pressure on the big companies to produce cleats that will represent well on the biggest stage. Puma have already established themselves in the speed category with the V1.10, but …

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