Wednesday , May 31 2023

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Boots I Want To See Make a Return

The recent re-imagining by Nike of the original Mercurial R9 (albeit as a colorway of the Vapor IX’s) got me feeling a bit nostalgic about some boots from the last 10 or so years that I’d love to see either re-released or re-worked somehow. After searching through my memory banks, …

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Adidas F50i TUNiT Start Kit Review

As you might have noticed, the review of the Adidas F50i TUNiT is coming far later than there actual release date. In fact, I have already tested and reviewed its upgraded version, the Adidas F50 adizero. To be honest, I am actually sorry that I did not review this before …

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Latest adidas F50i Lionel Messi Release

When you have just been named the World Player of the year, it is pretty easy to assume that you can ask for another pair of personalized soccer cleats to be created. Lionel Messi has been a step above every above every player this past year, and has put in some scintillating performances. Earlier …

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Adidas F50i Starter Kit in Macaw/Running White/Black

A new version of the Adidas F50i has finally been released! The newest version comes in a Macaw/Running White/Black and looks very bold. After a few days of looking at these, I am still not sure whether I like them or not. The color is a little ‘out there’ and has a strange …

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adidas F50i TUNiT Kit Available

After the release of the F50i a few weeks back, Adidas have put together a pretty sweet kit that includes 3 unique TUNiT uppers….and if you have an extra few hundred $$’s lying around it is worth it! Not only do you get the three uppers, but you also get Firm Ground, …

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Adidas F50i TUNIT Cleat Released

Adidas have just released their latest creation – the F50i TUNIT. After having huge success with the F50.8 and F50.9, Adidas have upped their value with this latest cleat of pure innovation. Take for example the technology involved in creating the new adiGrip upper, which is made of lighweight microfiber …

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