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Adidas F50i TUNiT Start Kit Review


As you might have noticed, the review of the Adidas F50i TUNiT is coming far later than there actual release date. In fact, I have already tested and reviewed its upgraded version, the Adidas F50 adizero. To be honest, I am actually sorry that I did not review this before now as they have a lot of top class properties on offer! I actually received the boots several months ago and had been putting it off in favor of reviewing some other releases. The F50i TUNiT is a great performing boot on the field, although the color looks a little funky. For testing I wore a size 9US in the Macaw green color, as previously worn by Lionel Messi.

Adidas F50i (2)

What comes with the Starter Kit?
If you order the starter kit, you can expect to get a box containing the actual boots and a set each of Hard Ground(HG), Firm Ground(FG) and Soft Ground(SG) inter-changeable studs. In order to change them, Adidas include a nifty gold colored wrench that is color coded according to the studs you choose to use.

Breaking In
I’ll be honest, when I tried on the boots at home before training I was extremely skeptical of how they would perform. They felt tight up around the front of the boot and a little rigid to walk in. But to my surprise, breaking them in was a breeze. The first few mornings testing them out I wore the hard ground studs on a turf field. In the first few training sessions I was able to twist and turn with no problems. When I finally broke them out into a game, they worked out really well. There was a stage where I felt some minor cramping around the mid region of my foot but it was only temporary. Adidas supply a comfort insole with the kit that is extremely helpful when breaking them in as it offers great support. All in all, I wore them in 4-5 trainings and 2 games (thus far) without any problems and I enjoyed breaking them in.

Adidas F50i TUNiT

Size and Fit
As I said above, they felt very tight when I tried them on at first, almost a little too tight. But in hindsight, and after testing I think they fit a little larger than the adizero! I compared them side by side and the F50i does seem to larger. Mind you, it actually weighs in at 10.7oz (9.7oz without the comfort insole) compared to the adizeros 5.8oz, so you would expect them to be a little bulkier! After wearing them, I would compare them as true to size, so order your current size.

I like the actual design of the F50i range as it offers something different, although some of the color choices leave a lot to be desired! The version I tested has a synthetic upper known as SprintSkin. SprintSkin is a revolutionary second skin of sorts that provides great touch and feel on the ball. It is the funky lines that are visible running along the front passing zone of the boot that is all important. They fell like little ridges as you run your finger along the area. Adidas also include a seamless lace cover (it has been thermobonded) that increases the strike zone. I personally think that the green version is a little iffy, but I do like some of the other colorways available in the range like the White version worn by Messi earlier this year.

Rather than being actual technology, the main positive to this boot is the ability to interchange studs, allowing the F50i to be worn on pretty much any official soccer playing surface (except indoor of course!) You have the option of wearing an FG, SG or HG stud and they all come with the starter kit. I started out with the HG studs on an artificial turf surface and they worked out perfectly. I really like the idea of being able to chop and change the studs you use as it means you only really need one pair for multiple surfaces (pending of course you take care of them!)

First off these are a little bulky although Adidas have already addressed this with the release of the F50 adizero. Personally I enjoyed wearing these because they are super comfortable and you really don’t notice the weight difference when you are playing. Second thing is the color choice of Macaw, just not my style! Lastly is the problem of these getting smelly. My feet don’t smell and I test out a lot of boots. So, when I wore these and noticed a pong it is definitely a negative! The main problem lies in the fact that they really don’t air out as you play so your foot is sweating a lot throughout the game. To resolve the issue I had to take out the inserts and let them air dry between trainings and games.

F50i SprintSkin TUNiT

The F50i is a great option for players who want a boot they can use on different surfaces. Performance wise, they are top of the range and I have to admit that I was surprised at how comfortable they were on the field. They do feel a little bulky, but they offer protection for players who might think the adizeros are too light. If you do decide that you want a pair don’t wait to long to get them as they are already starting to sell out in stores and online.

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  1. Bryan, just out of curiosity, do these cleats have narrow fit? A few of my teammates actually got these shoes and were complaining about how they made their feet sore.

  2. Prasith(Cambodia)

    Bryan, what's the widest and shortest length shoes you tested? And i thought adidas had the Agion tech. which anti-bacterial???

  3. looking at soccer.com and worldsoccershop, they both have the older colorways back ordered till late july. Does this mean that Adidas is making another shipment or something else. it just sounds kind of suspicious considering this is an older line.

  4. Sonny,

    They have a medium fit, a little tight to start but they break in nicely, very similar to the adizeros.


    It does say they are made using Agion technology, but from my experience it is not very effective!


    To me that says they have a shipment coming from Adidas, probably the final batch before the boot sells out. I can't be certain though.

  5. I remember reading about how Drogba said that he got the ball passed more to him when he wore boots that really stood out color wise. Did you find that you were getting more touches with these? I can't think of a boot that is more visible on the pitch.

  6. A lot of the newer boots are designed with these crazy colors, I just think Nike were smart enough to market it first! It is difficult to actually say whether it helps increase the number of times you get the ball….esp when a defender is wearing the same design! If it had been me, I would have designed an individual color for each team, so for the US a bright blue heel with bright yellow stars…then your teammates would really spot you!

  7. I heard the TUNiT line is discontinued. Any insight as to why? It seems they made this big marketing push and now you can't get any of the components anymore.

  8. Did you encounter any problems with the studs becoming loose or falling out? Because I've read reviews that have that the studs tend to get loose and even fall out some times.

  9. Roberto,

    No problems with the studs; they stayed in as expected!

  10. i love the review! would you recommend wearing these in the shower in order to help break them in??

  11. Donovan,

    I would say no, especially since they are not K-Leather, wearing them in the shower is not necessary. They break in pretty well.

  12. Hey Brian! Love your reviews.

    I've had these boots for about 6 month's & they smell like poop soup now.

    Any thoughts?

  13. Bajeem,

    i experienced the same issue…get them outside and air them out as much as possible, then check out this old-skool post! http://www.soccercleats101.com/2009/09/22/smelly-

  14. hi bryan, i'm a midfielder and i'm looking for new boots, but i'm not sure wich boot it's better for me. My options are: mercurial talaria, f30, t90 strike and tiempo's. I like to run a lot without the ball and with the ball i like to give a lot of pass. so which one do you think it's better for me??

    (sorry for my english, it's not my first language jaja)

  15. My studs on the heel have fallen off, and I can no longer put new studs in, they are great the play with, but after a few months…

    (Looking from the bottom)

    Left Boot:

    The bottom left can only have the longest stud.

    The one above can't have any.

    The bottom right can't have any.

    the one above that is fine.

    Right Boot:

    I couldn't get my stud in bottom left correctly and snapped the screw inside the stud hole.

  16. Hi,

    Great Review.

    I have a quick question. I have been experiencing the same cramping and pain in the mid part of my foot as you mentioned. Did you do anything to prevent this or did it simply go away? Do you have any tips on how to get rid of this pain?


  17. Michael,

    The only way to really get past the pain is to break them in slowly over time – generally this means wearing them for jogging/running before using them in game action. If it has been a longer issue, it might be the fit doesn't suit your foot type.

  18. Hey bryan, My yellow t90 are size10 but it took me a few weeks to break in, i have ordered 10.5 and i have wide feet, i am worried about it breaking or being to tight :/

  19. I have these and the boot never smelled once

  20. Can you put these up on ebay i realllllllllly want a pair and i can't find any anywhere

  21. So i am sz 10.5 in t90s.. should i get these in 10.5 kleather version? and will they fit tight? TOOO tight ??

  22. Does anyone have a adidas f50-I tunit chassis I can get! red I messed up one of mine :/

  23. bonsoir, j'en voudrais une paire si c'est possible

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