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Adidas F50i Starter Kit in Macaw/Running White/Black

A new version of the Adidas F50i has finally been released! The newest version comes in aAdidas F50i Macaw Front Macaw/Running White/Black and looks very bold. After a few days of looking at these, I am still not sure whether I like them or not. The color is a little ‘out there’ and has a strange clash with the other primary black color. Apart from Nike’s Citron release a year ago, I have not seen many cleats in this type of color. So, this could in fact become a masterpiece release from Adidas. The upper of this F50i version is made from a unique Sprintskin material. Sprintskin is a single-layer synthetic that is designed to improve ball feel with the added bonus of reduced weight. Another great attribute these cleats have is an innovative seamless lace cover. This allows for an optimal fit and a smooth strike area.

When you buy the starter kit it comes with an exchangeable premolded TUNiT Standard insole and exchangeable TUNiT Standard Chassis support and cushioning. One of the bonuses to buying TUNiT’s is the fact that you are buying a replacement upper when you need a new pair, rather than a full cleat. And, the studs are interchangeable meaning you can use the cleats on both soft anf hard surfaces. You can get this Starter kit right now for $194.99.

Adidas F50i TUNiT
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  1. Before trying out this boot I was looking around for details on the upper's stretching/moldability. First few wears they were quite tight and subsequently made my feet numb haha. But they stretched out quite nicely which I'm happy to report cause traditionally, synthetic uppers don't have this property.

  2. I like this line of cleats, but I don't see this particular style as being a masterpiece. If it wasn't for the macaw, it's a pretty minimalist cleat. I'm totally unsure of how I feel about the style as well. They should've just made the whole thing macaw after all.

  3. I had the F50.8s and they were okay. You get a good shot, but they aren't very comfortable and everything tends to break at the same rate, so buying just one new part didnt really work out, by the time i need something new, i needed everything new, so they whole point was kind of defeated. They are also the only pair of cleats I've had that I couldn't wear again if I just needed a pair for a practice or scrimmage. One of the slots on my chassis somehow broke, so i couldn't put a stud in that spot. I had to play half of my season without a stud. I'd get v1.08s or Legends/Maestris

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