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Nike CTR360 Trequartista vs Trequartista II

Nike CTR360 Trequartista I vs II

Having just finished reviewing the Nike CTR360 Trequartista II, it seems like good timing for answering the question: how do they compare to the original Trequartista release?

Many players choose the Trequartista range due to their value and excellent price tag. I have pointed out on several occasions that they are probably one of the best options out there for players who need to stick to a low budget and want a boot that will last a season. There is not much difference between both versions, but here is a short breakdown to help those who are deciding between both.

Visual Differences
To be honest, visually both releases hold a very similar look. You get a whole host of new colorways to choose from with the latest edition, and Nike has moved to include 3 colors rather than the standard two-tone original release. The most obvious difference lies in the content placed along the instep of each boots. Both versions feature a replica of the actual technology used on the CTR350 Maestri release, but neither version actually offers any enhancement to your game. The other difference lies in the stitching used along the front of the boots, with the Trequartista II offering a more updated look.

Which is better performance wise?
They rank right around the same range – but I would go with the Trequartista II simply because Nike has had the opportunity to iron out any kinks they might have found with the original release. It did show during testing, but definitely not enough to recommend players avoid the original release all together. My advice is to find the best deal that suits your budget and go with it, and that might just be a sale on the original! It is important to remember that this range does not carry the technology found in the CTR360 Maestri, but they still have plenty to offer!

Nike Trequartista II

Nike CTR360 Trequartista

What about cost?
Both versions hit the market around the same $90 mark, with Nike choosing to keep the price range economically affordable for players. The biggest difference between both at the moment is that the original Trequartista is pretty tough to find, but if you do find a pair they will probably be discounted pretty heavily!

Where to find them?
The Trequartista II is pretty easy to find, with a $80 price tag at WeGotSoccer being pretty standard. have the very popular Gold version currently on sale with a $74 price tag if that takes your fancy.

The original Trequartista is a little tougher to find, but there are several pairs still to be found at good deals, including multiple sizes in the original Team Red colorway with a $59 price tag at SoccerFanatic.

Other than that your best bet is to check the good old eBay Listings!

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