Friday , January 14 2022

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Spotted – Concave PT $25 Sell-Off Event

I wasn’t a fan of the Concave PT range of soccer cleats when I tested them, but they definitely drew a lot of attention when they were released and there were plenty of players interested in trying them. About a year ago, Concave actually filed for bankruptcy and since that …

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The End of Concave Sports?

I just got word from a pretty trusted source that Concave Sports have filed for bankruptcy and will finish trading this year. At this point, the news is simply speculation but if it is true, it will be a shock since the company recently signed Manchester United defenders John O’Shea …

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In Review – Concave PT+ Classic

Next up for review is a boot full of innovative technology, designed with optimum protection in mind – the Concave PT+. In recent times you might have caught one of the Concave reviews I featured, but this is the classic version, a boot that features a pretty tasty Kangaroo Leather …

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Concave Gaining Some Added Momentum

Over the past week or two, Concave have been increasing their presence on the soccer market. Back in August, we spoke to Concave Dave about the companies approach to the market and the technology behind the Concave range of cleats. Concave have not really attempted any crazy marketing strategy for …

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Concave PT+ Review

The Concave PT+ is a boot built on the concept of support and protection! Every soccer season, we see new developments and innovation in soccer cleat technology, and this past year was no different. One of the latest cleats to arrive on the market and cause a stir is the advanced Concave …

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