Thursday , November 30 2023

Concave Gaining Some Added Momentum

Over the past week or two, Concave have been increasing their presence on the soccer market. Back inConcave PT+ White August, we spoke to Concave Dave about the companies approach to the market and the technology behind the Concave range of cleats. Concave have not really attempted any crazy marketing strategy for their current range, instead they are banking on word of mouth and the hope that those who wear the cleat will share their opinions. This past weekend saw Manchester United’s John O’ Shea sporting a pair in their Premier League game with Chelsea. Is he going to be the ambassador for Concave cleats?  I expect to see more players wearing them in top flight games in the coming weeks. And to be honest, it is refreshing to see another brand making their move in what is an extremely difficult, yet lucrative, market.

Today I spotted two great articles on Concave’s that I recommend checking out:

  • Burgess’s Boots – Concave Convert?
    Found this one over at Ransacker. Ben Burgess, who is a pro soccer player for Championship side Blackpool, has been the testing Concave’s for the past few weeks and shares his opinion. Great in-depth review.

Also worth checking out is our review of the Concave PT+, where we had the opportunity to put on a pair and test them out over a few weeks. I expect to hear more about Concave in the coming weeks and have no doubt that they will be seeing some time in the spotlight!

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  1. should be getting a pair in a month ;D

    and the pred's look sweet 🙂

    if dome's are ready then i'll get those too if i can 😀

  2. Some of the best cleats I had ever. There simpaly the best looking forword to getting some pt+

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