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In Review – Concave PT+ Classic

Concave PT+ Leather

Next up for review is a boot full of innovative technology, designed with optimum protection in mind – the Concave PT+. In recent times you might have caught one of the Concave reviews I featured, but this is the classic version, a boot that features a pretty tasty Kangaroo Leather upper. When the word K-Leather is added on a boot, something seems to change! There is a ton of technology involved in the cleat, too much to get to right now, but hold tight for a full review next week. With the likes of John O’Shea set to wear the boot in the premier League next season, you know that they have plenty of positives. For now, let me know below if you have had the opportunity to test out any of the Concave range.

concave pt+ classic

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  1. Hi Bryan, are these boots been released yet? thanks

  2. hey bryan, pleaseeeeeee we need a ctr360 maestri review not this one! It's more important and is rated the best boot in the market now!! Btw do u know when the Maestri 2 will be released? Thanks!

  3. ingenius! 21st century copa mundial cannot wait for an independent impartial review from a respected source. ive heard about concave however after seeing these cleats just makes so much sense. why .oh why hasnt anyone come up with this concept? and why has it taken till 2010 to actually discover a proper technology?interested to see how it fairs in the market place.plenty of great ideas have ended up in the waste bin .i guess if the consumer doesnt gravitate and vote with their purchases. all over red rover.

  4. oooo! Those look purdy!! I always worry about kangaroo leather soaking up water on moist grass, but is that problem averted w/sealing or something? Looking forward to your review!

  5. I already tested out Concave PT+ cleats, and I'm currently testing out the PT Classics. So far, I love them. They fit great, and great power and accuracy as advertised. Looking forward to your review.

  6. They may be nice performers, but they looke like butt.

  7. i bought the very 1st model concave from jjb because i was curious about the concept. i can assure anyone that the power derived from the boot was ridiculous when making contact with the concave element, also control and juggling of the ball was significantly easier. took me a while to break these boots in and i felt they did look a bit cumbersome. my initial opinion looking at the latest model suggests that there is an improvement all round. i think that they have premier league players wearing these boots must mean something.

  8. I have mild arthritis in my feet and ankles; the worse of which is in the joint between my scaphoid and cuneform bones on my left foot. I can play but it used to mean if i got caught with a flailing stud, that i'd have to rest for 2 weeks. I have been wearing Concave PT+ for 6months and they have really made a positive difference for me – it's like i don't have the problem. Plus the concave element really does improve your accuracy and power.

  9. Can anyone tell us when or where i can buy the classics in white

  10. check out to buy the latest concave styles. Also have some cool colorways coming out in the PT+.

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