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The End of Concave Sports?

Concave PT Classic (6)

I just got word from a pretty trusted source that Concave Sports have filed for bankruptcy and will finish trading this year. At this point, the news is simply speculation but if it is true, it will be a shock since the company recently signed Manchester United defenders John O’Shea and Wes Brown as wearers of the technologically advanced boots.

Having tested the Concave PT+, I found that there was a section of the market that the range would appeal to. Every player looks for something different in a soccer cleat, whether it be a lightweight feel or simply a good leather for improved touch. The Concave PT+ Classic offered something completely different for soccer players. You not only get a power boot, but you have confidence in the fact that you have the most protection available by far on the market. On a personal note, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Concave design and the responsiveness of the boot on the field,  but I will be sad to see them fold as it removes a very promising option from the market.

If you are looking to test out a pair before the company closes, I recommend checking out either the Leather Concave PT+ for $99 or the Original Concave PT1 for only $60.

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  1. Let's hope this is not true! i've never seen a player wear concave cleats on the field, but i wish i could. -runs up to a player, steps on cleats, and says " haha that didnt hurt, concave amirite?"-

  2. a little late to respond…….but your info is 100% accurate…..their is a new group trying to acquire the asset, but this group has failed miserably in the past and regrettably the game will end. In the process, all the pro players using the product never got paid what they were owed, so unlikely they would be willing to gamble again with the new group even if it were to resurrect.

  3. based off its design i believe that adidas should buy the product and make a new branch of predators with just the concave design…. i feel that if adidas were tto have make this… it would have sold like hot cakes!!!

  4. Incorrect still up and avaliable at

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