Tuesday , October 3 2023

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Mizuno Supersonic Wave 3 Released

Supersonic 3

Again, here is another great Mizuno release that is by-passing us here in the US, but is well worth a shout-out! The all-new Mizuno Supersonic Wave 3 hits the market with some slight modification from its predecessor, the Supersonic Wave 2. I could talk about the boots and what they …

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Mizuno Supersonic Wave 2 Review

Mizuno Supersonic Wave 2

 Mizuno are a brand that continue to tease the taste buds of soccer players in the US with their range of consistent performing boots proving difficult to buy here! If there is an opportunity that the Japanese giant will enter the market, the Supersonic Wave 2 will certainly be a …

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Mizuno SuperSonic Wave 2 Released

Our favorite unattainable company has just released their latest top line boot on the market – the Mizuno SuperSonic Wave 2. Mizuno went back to the drawing board on this one, started from scratch and creating a boot that helps improve technique, when dribbling at speed. In my opinion, there …

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Mizuno Supersonic Wave Images

This is more a teaser of what Mizuno have to offer than anything else! Our boy Westin, who works for Mizuno USA, sent over some images of his latest pair of soccer cleats the Mizuno Supersonic Wave. And of course, he wouldn’t have it any other way than to wear …

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