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Mizuno Supersonic Wave 2 Review

Mizuno Supersonic Wave 2

 Mizuno are a brand that continue to tease the taste buds of soccer players in the US with their range of consistent performing boots proving difficult to buy here! If there is an opportunity that the Japanese giant will enter the market, the Supersonic Wave 2 will certainly be a top seller! Built to fit the heritage mold, the Supersonic Wave features a K-leather upper with some seriously unusual paneled stitching and Feather Touch System. I managed to grab a pair of size 9US a few weeks back and have had them in testing since.

Although they are not available directly in the US, check the eBay Mizuno listings if you are looking for a pair – they vary in price from $150 to $200.

Supersonic Wave 2

Breaking In
When you first get your hands on these, they exude pure confidence; the upper feels supple, the soleplate offers plenty of flexibility and they look like a formula one racing car. So, naturally there is an air of excitement as you wear them for the first time. Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed through an initial jogging session and they felt comfortable. This continued as I wore them in the first game and through testing. The soleplate is flexible and the upper molds very easily. One aspect of the boot I like is the tongue, which Mizuno keep relatively thin. But on the underneath, they have a soft layer of sponge that offers enough protection without feeling overly dramatic on your foot. There is nothing overly impressive about the Supersonic Wave in terms of comfort, but they work as intended.

Heritage Release
There are a lot of great heritage release on the market and it is actually a pretty tough category to break into. But, these boots easily fit in the top 5. Everything about them has a classic look and appeal, plus you get the addition of FTS (feather touch system) on the side of the boot.

Feather Touch System

The one aspect of these boots that really seems to capture attention is the FTS, or feather touch system, that sits on the side of the boot. It is designed to give you a closer control as you dribble on the ball. You will notice that the stitching is angled in a very unusual fashion, with a PU design printed through the panels. This gives the upper an extra level of cushioning that combines with the slightly grippy PU to produce closer ball control. Its positioning makes complete sense and I am all for its inclusion, but during wear I never felt like it was that noticeable. You also have to factor in what part of the foot you use while dribbling at speed – I know some players use a more centered touch.

Mizuno has modified its stud design, with each conical stud featuring “wings” on either side. I found that this caused the boots to stick at times on turf surfaces, as more surface area means more drag. On natural surfaces, they produce just the right amount of grip and it wasn’t an issue. The studs are also created using dual density technology, so they are definitely designed to be an option for players on artificial and natural surfaces.

Supersonic Wave Soleplate

Supersonic Wave 2 (b)

Supersonic Wave Logo

How Does it Fit?
In a very similar fashion as the initial Supersonic Wave release, these fit true to size. There is not a great deal of room through the midfoot, so they are not a great option from players needing a wide fit. The angle at which the upper and soleplate connect around the toes is pretty acute, meaning the upper has a very snug fit over your foot.

The only real negative surrounds the particular colorway employed on this version. I found that they start to look old very quickly, and having a white upper means you need to clean them after each use. Another point to keep in mind is that the stud configuration can be kind of tricky on turf surfaces. I didn’t encounter too many problems, but I have received feedback about it. Basically, the shape of the studs seem to drag through wear, causing them to stick in the surface sometimes. If you have tested these, make sure to leave your feedback below for others on this.

The Skinny Summary
Highlight: Out of the box, they will make your jaw drop! Designed for touch, with angled stitching and a PU feather touch system placed along the resulting paneling. A definite top 5 heritage releases.
Category: Heritage all around. The look and feel like a classic boot, but they feature a very modern upper that gives them their own unique flavor.
Weight: A very tidy 8.6oz, which leaves them sitting below the average for heritage releases.
Would I Buy Them: If they were available on the US market, yes – but with the current range of high performing heritage boots currently on the market, I don’t see them as a must have. International shipping can be expensive!
Player Position: They are pretty generic to the market, so they offer value to all players on the field from goalkeepers to pacey strikers.

Mizuno Supersonic Wave II

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  1. Man I really wish they would sell these in the states!

  2. Bryan did yours come with a boot bag? and where did you get them

    • I received them directly from Mizuno, without a box or boot-bag so I am not sure if there is one included when you purchase.

      • Bryan- I just ordered the Mizuno Morelia Ultra Light Hulk Edition from ProDirectSoccer for $91, shipping included. Do you have any idea how they fit? Do you know anything about them? Thanks

  3. you should review the Neo's and Estrela's

  4. Futbolista Unidos

    Just received my new Supersonic Wave 2 yesterday and immediately tried it in FG. I was really amazed!!! Very comfortable and it has low rebound in the FTS panel which helps in dribbling. Before I used the older version Sonic Club MD, and there is really a big difference. Over-all 9/10 rating. The only cons is the color. Since it comes in white upper, using dark colored balls could stain the leather. Hope they have darker ones.

  5. I own a pair. Great fit, super comfortable. Negatives: start to look shabby real quick (especially the white colorway) and this is the MAJOR negative, the memory foam makes the touch feel somewhat unnatural, the extra material between your foot and the ball doesn't give you the touch you would get from a class heritage boot

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