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Mizuno Supersonic Wave Images

Mizuno Supersonic Wave

This is more a teaser of what Mizuno have to offer than anything else! Our boy Westin, who works for Mizuno USA, sent over some images of his latest pair of soccer cleats the Mizuno Supersonic Wave. And of course, he wouldn’t have it any other way than to wear Mizuno boots! The images are super high quality and really exemplify the quality of that Mizuno have to offer. Click on the images to get a more up-close and detailed look. My mouth is watering at the prospect of splashing out on a pair. Tell me you wouldn’t want a pair and I will call you crazy!

As you already know, Mizuno currently don’t sell directly here in the US – but you can help make that change by adding your name to ever expanding Mizuno to USA petition. As reference, we currently have 739 people signed on – but we need that number to dramatically increase before passing it to the the Mizuno hierarchy.

And finally, if you want to read some Mizuno reviews, check out the Wave Ignite and Morelia reviews that were featured on SC101 in the past few months.

Red Mizuno Supersonic WaveSupersonic Wave

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  1. Hey Bryan you should definitely do a review of these shoes. I'm torn between Leather Adizero's (my experience with Synthetic wasn't great) and Supersonic Wave's. I don't mind the 2oz difference. Right now I'm using Maestri's 1 and could't be happier with the comfort and touch.

  2. these are truly some nice cleats no technology no this no that just some straight up cleats. I like that 😀

  3. Those are some great cleats! if Mizuno did come to the U.S. i'd buy those right away

  4. i picked up a pair of these a couple of months back (white colourway) and they are class. Great leather and they are even lighter than superfly !

  5. hey i really want a pait of these but i cant find any in my size anywhere. Other than pro direct which other websites sell these?

  6. Hey! 😀 are you gona test these bryan? 😀 and also..test the stealth 2s 😀

  7. These are great boots….I won myself a pair signed (by Thiago Motta) on a Facebook competition last month….here are the photos

    1. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/_DttTDvSafEc/TZ

    2. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/_DttTDvSafEc/TZ

  8. where i can buy this amazing shoes…..???? i'm from pontianak , west borneo indonesia…thanks

  9. what is striking the ball like on these cause i already know the touch is great.

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