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Mizuno SuperSonic Wave 2 Released

Mizuno SuperSonic Wave 2 White

Our favorite unattainable company has just released their latest top line boot on the market – the Mizuno SuperSonic Wave 2. Mizuno went back to the drawing board on this one, started from scratch and creating a boot that helps improve technique, when dribbling at speed. In my opinion, there is a strong emphasis on matching the requirement of the attacking mid, or playmaker!

I have got admit that seeing releases like this just makes me want to see Mizuno on the US market even more – these look very classy and matched with the specs, they seem like a boot that could compete with the Nike CTR360 Maestri! We have been told directly from Mizuno that they are seriously considering a move into the US market – with releases like this, I can see them being accepted with open arms!

The highlight of this release is a the FTS (Feather Touch System) featured on the lateral side of the boot. Its positioning is designed for players who like to dribble quickly with the ball on the outside of their foot – think of how Ryan Giggs dribbles as the perfect example. The FTS features a low rebound sponge with textured PU text that helps with close control. Another area where Mizuno has modified for performance is the stud configuration. The dual density studs have been strategically sized and positioned in order to improve acceleration and control on the ball.

Feature Control System

Mizuno has gone with two opposing colorways; a Dress Blue/White/Blue Danube and the above pictured Pearl/Blue Danube/Pearl. One aspect of this boot that will make many of you happy is the weight – you are getting a pretty lightweight boot at 8.6oz. You can find more details about the SuperSonic Wave 2 directly on Mizuno’s website.

What are your thoughts on this latest release and would you buy a pair if they were readily accessible?

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  1. Mizuno boots look really interesting, will you get this for reviewing? And also, do you think the new nike tiempos fit the same as the old nike tiempo ronaldinho versions?

  2. I have had these for over a month so I don't understand how these were just released.. and I think you meant the Nike CTR is lucky Mizuno is not in the US market because they are extremely outclassed by the Supersonic Wave IIs.

  3. holy crap these make the adipures look like trash

  4. Interestign idea, i for one love using the outside of the foot when dribbling so i'm interested to see if the feather touch system has the effect it is supposed to.

  5. Hi Byran:
    For a boot like this that has technology in the toe box area, another expample: Puma Powercat, should the toe be touching the front of the boot so every bit of your foot is covered by "technology area" or should I still leave the usual 1/2 inch gap between the toe and the front of the boot? thanks.

    • you should never leave a 1/2 inch gap in your boots

      • well, my foot is between 10 and 10.5 length but a true 10 in width….I always have to wear certain cleats in 10.5 due to tightness but sometime, it leaves me a gap that's about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch between the toes to the end of the boots. I was told by all the soccer store people that the toe should not touch the top of the boot. Is that true? Thanks.

    • Its more of a preference. I like having the half inch for comfort reasons and i find that I perform better than if there is less of a gap.

  6. i would buy these over the ctr's definitely! my next cleats will probably be ctr's too unless mizuno comes over to america

  7. yes i want these

  8. Wow these are sweet you can get a pair on but be prepared to pay a hefty price.

    • have you ordered from prodirectsoccer to the states because i read bad reviews and they have me hesitant to being a victim but they have awsome products listed

  9. You should make this part of your give away in December!

  10. Hey Brian
    Have you ever ordered from prodirect soccer or know anyone who has because i want to order some mizunos, but i read alot of bad reviews and dont want to fall victim to bad service just because were in the states thanks.

    • The last time I did, I ended up having to pay extra fee's to get them through customs. Something to watch out for!

      • O ok thanks for the heads up wished mizuno were sold here in the states or that someone had a boot store with this exclusive brand due to being partnered with someone in japan jaja not a bad idea tho, anyways thanks and enjoy your awsome site and reviews.

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