Wednesday , December 8 2021

Concave PT-1 Cleats

Concave PT-1Without much of a welcome party, the Concave PT-1 silently entered the US market last September. Since that time, it has slowly been gaining momentum, garnering the attention of soccer players throughout the US. The PT-1 is a cleat that you need a second look at before you realise what it is all about! Across the front of the cleat lies a very noticeable cover or the ‘Concave MetaGaurd Component’. This cover is designed with several benefits in mind: Control, Power, Accuracy and Protection. The sweet spot on the Concave PT-1 is much larger than that of a regular cleat thanks to this MetaGaurd Component. This can help improve shooting accuracy and power while optimizing ball control. In turn, it acts as protection from oncoming cleats, especially when it comes to the dreaded metatarsal bone! During independent testing, the makers claim there was a 30% improvement in accuracy and a 15% shooting power increase!

Full review to follow, keep posted! In the mean time check out all the info available at or get yourself a pair from for $139.99.

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