Thursday , January 13 2022

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In Review – Concave PT+ Classic

Next up for review is a boot full of innovative technology, designed with optimum protection in mind – the Concave PT+. In recent times you might have caught one of the Concave reviews I featured, but this is the classic version, a boot that features a pretty tasty Kangaroo Leather …

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Concave Gaining Some Added Momentum

Over the past week or two, Concave have been increasing their presence on the soccer market. Back in August, we spoke to Concave Dave about the companies approach to the market and the technology behind the Concave range of cleats. Concave have not really attempted any crazy marketing strategy for …

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Concave PT-1 Cleats

Without much of a welcome party, the Concave PT-1 silently entered the US market last September. Since that time, it has slowly been gaining momentum, garnering the attention of soccer players throughout the US. The PT-1 is a cleat that you need a second look at before you realise what it is all about! Across …

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