Tuesday , May 30 2023

Blackout Adidas Predator Released

Adidas Predator X Black

You gotta love this latest design from Adidas. This is about as minimal as you can get in terms of looks, yet their is almost a futuristic feel to the new Adidas Predator X in Black/Black/Dark Shale.

I can’t believe it was almost a year and a half ago that I tested the Predator X. At that time I deemed them to be one of the best releases of 2009, and the range just continues to sell in strong numbers. The highpoint of the release comes via the comfort they offer, and Adidas have ensured the fit suits most players. In terms of players, the Pred X suits most players, but if you are a dead ball specialist or like crossing/knocking long balls these are going to compliment your game!

Blackout Adidas Predator X

I already know from reader feedback that there are going to be a lot of players fighting to get their hands on a pair of these. Actually, I am pretty surprised that these boots have not been release sooner, although I am sure they were saving the best for last before the soon to be released Predator XI!

Adidas Predator X

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  1. cool guys….these are very classy…love the blackout look

    wish nike would catch on and do the same

  2. already available on the adidias website. and lets not forget what their durability rating is!

  3. usually when adidas does a blackout, that means the next number in a series is soon. so predator 11 should be next!

  4. I love the way the vamp is not black but slate coloured. Nice touch. New generation of Predators have been spotted at the training grounds of some of the clubs.

  5. lookin’ pretty good, but i like what nike’s done with the mercurials and T90s with all black and a secondary color.

  6. i am just surprised kaka is moving back to the preds

  7. Is he really? I bet he wasn't a giant fan of the Adipure IV, then.

  8. yes, he is training in them. you can see him on getty images.

    im not sure if its even a matter of him not liking the adipure ivs

    the adipure ivs reminds me of the first adipures i think its a marketing tactic from adidas they will choose the next star for the new adipure sl line

    bryan can you do a review on mundial teams i just bought my third pair they literally last for 10 years… so i have three in rotation now. and they feel amazing. during the spring summer and fall seasons i play on turf almost everyday and i started using them on natural fields competitively. they offer protection and great feel. i find that if i play everyday it helps my knees out and they are great for uneven surfaces because of the stud configuration. lets face it the avg player doesnt play on perfect grounds like the pros do thats why these work well.

  9. hide. technically speaking its not really a full out blackout and in some pics that shale looks like a blue

  10. “in some pics that shale looks like a blue”

    I think it is blue, actually. If you see the blackout Adizeros and blackout Adipure III’s, they have very slight tinges of color too, the Adizero having some orange on it, the Adipures with some yellow, and I guess these Predators with some navy blue.

    Still look awesome though.

  11. @Stormy. i agree.

    i went to the adidas store last night on my way home from work

    those new bright green preds do have the cl logos but yet the tag does not say "cl" like my blue ones did and the star detail is a bit different.

    funny cause on the adidas website they dont shoe the predator zone in the pics.

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