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Blackout Adidas Predator Released

You gotta love this latest design from Adidas. This is about as minimal as you can get in terms of looks, yet their is almost a futuristic feel to the new Adidas Predator X in Black/Black/Dark Shale. I can’t believe it was almost a year and a half ago that …

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Your Opinion of the Adidas Predator X Needed!

Two weeks after their release, opinions are still mixed on the Adidas Predator X. Some people like the latest version, while others are not so keen. When we reviewed the Predator X, we had a favorable opinion, but that is not to say that this version is for everyone. Changes …

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Adidas Predator X Review

Adidas has, again, raised the bar in their fight to be top-dog in the elite world of soccer cleats, by releasing a completely new and advanced type of power boot; the Adidas Predator X. With just 8 months until the beginning of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Adidas …

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Adidas Predator X has Arrived!

The Adidas Predator X has been one of the most eagerly awaited cleats to be released on the market in recent times, but they are finally here. All predecessors in the Predator range have been consistent top seller, and I have a feeling that the Predator X will continue that trend! There is sure …

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Adidas Predator X Edges Closer to Release

With only approximately one week left until the official release of the Adidas Predator X, we thought we would bring you some exciting news; If you are brave enough they are available to pre-order right now! Over the past few weeks we have been testing the Predator X and already have a …

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