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Nike Tiempo Flight Review

Nike Tiempo Flight

In an effort to add more diversity to the site, I picked up a pair of Nike Tiempo Flight a few weeks back for testing. The Flight offers players a 3rd option in the Tiempo range, behind the Elite and Legend releases. In a sense, they are seen as a more economical version for players who want the Tiempo look at a modest price. What I have discovered in the past few weeks is that these boots offer far than than I could have expected, and they make for a fantastic in-game boot! The pair in question comes in a refined Metallic Summit White/Metallic Gold Grain/Volt colorway and I tested a size 9US. After several games, here is how they worked out.

Nike Tiempo Flight Cleats

After testing, I am adding these boots to the list of must haves when it comes to comfort, with the break-in period taking no more than one wear. Out for the box, there is a high level of flexibility right throughout the Flight. The soleplate has a comfortable break right under the big-toe ball socket. This is something that actually sets the Flight apart from the Elite version – in a positive way! I found the carbon fiber soleplate on the Tiempo Elite version to be tough to break-in, leading to the conclusion that sometimes less is actually better! A suede lining is used inside the boot and ensures your foot is kept snugly in place through wear. I wore these boots in 1 training session, right out of the box, before taking them into a game without any problems.

There is nothing spectacular about the performance of the Tiempo Flight – they are simply a steady boot that, in the words of a Sure, “won’t let you down”!! The upper is soft and gives a pretty solid level of touch on the ball. I am a fan of the stitching used on the entire Tiempo range, as it creates comfortable padding without being overly pronounced. I mentioned the soleplate above, but again it is a highlight of the boot with its simple construction and generalized stud configuration allowing players to play long games without worrying about any common problems.

Nike Tiempo Flight (b)

Nike Tiempo Flight (d)

Nike Tiempo Flight (e)

Compared to the Legend
Other than the difference in price (around $55) the primary difference lies in the upper, with the Flight featuring a calfskin leather upper compared to a K-leather on the Tiempo Legend. The calfskin still feels extremely supple and it offers great touch, but you do lose out on some of the durability properties found in the Legend. In terms of visuals, it is pretty tough to tell both boots apart! The obvious difference lies in the heel, where Tiempo Flight is displayed and a heel counter is missing. Both versions are offered in the same colorways. On release, if you had given me an option between both boots, I would immediately selected the Legend. But having now tested both, there is much food for thought on simply picking up a pair of Flights and saving some extra money!

On this colorway, the upper is naturally a little tougher to keep clean. But other than that there is not a lot of negatives to find out! For players who want technology, this boot is not for you – there is an air of simplicity about the whole package and there is nothing that explicitly separates them from other releases on the market.

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The Skinny Summary
Highlight: A subtle and refined looking boot that provides consistent performance and a comfortable fit through wear, at a fantastic price point! Excellent value for money.
Category: 2nd level Heritage behind the Legend.
Weight: A very competitive 9.0oz, which is actually 0.6oz lighter than the Legends!
Would I Buy Them: Absolutely! Having tested them, these boots stand as one of the best value for money options on the market in my opinion.
Player Position: The Flight is a boot suited to most player types and positions, but ultimately I feel like defenders and center mids will benefit most from the simple boot design and soft leather upper. A fantastic option for players on a budget!

Nike Tiempo Flight (c)

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  1. how much do they weigh?

  2. I really appreciate this review. It is really easy to get caught up in having the newest and best cleats out there. (I find myself most of the time only looking at the top of the line model and ignoring the step down cleats). But it is nice that you review the "lesser" models and show what the real differences are, besides price. This is one of the things that sets this site apart from other review websites.

  3. I love lower tier boots because they are always reliable and I look forward to future reviews of mid and lower tier boots featured on your site! Will you be putting them up on the review chart?

  4. How's the width? I know as you go down the models they generally fit more all-round shapes – so are they a good Wide-foot option? Cheers.

  5. Just bought a pair in white and red, love them!!!!

  6. Bryan, what do you think of the Nike AG stud pattern? I'm thinking of getting a pair of these in the AG model seeing that I'll be playing a lot more on FieldTurf soon.

    • I have AG version of this boot and they are worth every penny. Since AG version for Legends is not available (other than NikeID), I opted for the Flights, but I can't really tell the difference having worn both – as Brian notes, leather is calfskin as opposed to kangaroo but it is very supple and they are very comfortable. As for the AG soleplate, they are a perfect length and shape for FieldTurf – not too long like FG studs and certainly better than bladed studs that can catch too much.

  7. Do you know if Nike is releasing the Tiempo Flight AG in any new colors in the near future?

    Right now this is the only colorway they come in:

    Love the boot, don’t love the black/orange color combo as much as the white/gold.

    Any info? Thanks!

  8. I think youre the only professional reviewer who reviews take down version.. Thank you so much!

  9. hey brian, do you rate the adipower absolions as high as these? Are they on the same lvl?
    thx in advance for responding 🙂

  10. Hi Brian, i have the black version with orange studs. Recently i was playing on turf and the studs are turning sort of dull/black. How can i clean them?

  11. Does the calf leather on the flights stretch out like the k-leather of the legends? The front feels very narrow and i was wondering if i should go half a size up.

  12. Dear Brian, are these boots durable? Based on GolstoreUSA and reviews on the Nike website, these outsoles of these boots will separate after 5-6 games. Please reply as soon as possible!

    • I wore them in more than 5 games, and I didn't have any problems with them. in fact, they still look pretty new. It really depends on how you take care of them, but durability should not be an issue.

  13. I did buy these boots, they're great but the rumors are true. After a few wears I had the leather detach from the sole plate. Some people use shoe goo to easily repair it but I've sent it back to nike for a return.

    IF they had new detached from the soleplate, I would honestly say they were the best tiempos I've ever put on.

  14. I know I am late in commenting but to they provide good support for ankle, knees etc?

  15. how does the fake look like and which is better tempo or mercurial.pleeeeeeeease ans and tell me on 84459069 or review on you tube.

  16. i wish i could have it

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