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Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite Review

Nike Tiempo IV Elite

If you are familiar with the Nike Tiempo Legend range, this latest release might look slightly different to what you are expecting. The all new Tiempo IV Elite not only has a redesigned upper that features vamp stitching, but it also comes with Nike’s patented Flywire technology. Feedback for the release has been extremely positive with the Black/White/Total Orange colorway going down a treat. The Orange laces, in particular, make the boots pop and they are very noticeable on the field.

My primary concern with the Tiempo lies around sizing, with the range offering a tight fit. Over the past four weeks, I have had an excellent opportunity to put them through their paces with the following results..

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Finding the Right Size

An area I recommend doing some research before ordering is size. The Tiempo IV Elite has a slightly tight fit and as a result, I needed to go up a half size for testing. Normally, I am a 9US but ended up wearing a 9.5US to ensure they were comfortable. One of the reasons they fit tighter is the Flywire technology, as it holds the upper in place and does not allow the leather to stretch, essentially wrapping your foot tightly. With the regular Tiempo IV, which is a tight true to size fit, I recommended considering a half size as an option. With the Elite, I simply recommend choosing a half size to ensure a comfortable fit!

Nike Tiempo IV Elite

Nike Tiempo IV Elite

Breaking In

With sizing issues out of the equation, I found the Tiempo IV Elite broke in really well. In fact, I was quiet surprised with the comfort level starting out considering I have had problems with Nike’s Elite ranges in the past. I am starting to think that the difference might actually lie in the construction of the upper, with leather offering more maneuverability and flex than other synthetic boots (like the Superfly in particular). The Carbon Fiber soleplate was stiff starting out and did cause some slight discomfort but there was much more ease in how they felt through the break in process. I ended up wearing them in 3-4 jogging sessions before I felt like they were really ready for sprinting, twisting and turning. Right through the upper, the K-leather is super soft and easily molds to the shape of your feet. On another positive note, there were no hot-spots and I never had any concerns in terms of blisters!

Nike Tiempo IV Elite

Flywire Included

Flywire is used to minimize weight and maximize support. Basically, high-strength threads in the upper work like cables on a suspension bridge offering engineered support through the midfoot. One thing to note is that Flywire acts just like a tendon would on the front of your foot. The layer of material used to cover the cleat is only there to keep out dirt and rocks, it is the Flywire structure that adds protection. Because of this, Nike has been able to create lighter soccer cleats. This is the first time that it has been included on the Tiempo range.

Nike Tiempo IV Elite


This is the area where I really can’t fault anything about the release. Nike has done a wonderful job of crafting this release into an in-game war machine, designed to ensure you are prepared for whatever happens through 90-minutes. What you are getting is a boot that delivers in the right areas. They leather upper is super soft and offers fantastic touch and control on the ball. The mixture of Flywire technology and a Carbon Fiber soleplate allows for great weight distribution through the entire boot, and produces a wonderful feel as you wear them. It is a unique experience that offers consistency over long durations of play. As a winger, I had plenty of opportunities to get crosses in with positive results. They have an ideal strike zone to ensure firm contact and they ultimately allow you to deliver a crisp pass/cross with confidence.


This release really mixes classic with modern. You get a very traditional leather upper that offers a stylish look, only for the orange detailing to pop and make the entire boot stand out. It is a fantastic look that really works. Along the heel, there are two orange stripes that are positioned to enhance the visual effect, essentially allowing your team mates to spot you via the boots. Nike also reduced the shape of the tongue, leaving it as an ankle cut. It sits comfortably in place and compliments the overall look.

Nike Tiempo IV Elite

Nike Tiempo IV Elite

Elite vs Regular Tiempo

There is a huge difference in what you pay for the Regular Tiempo IV compared to the Elite. You need to compare the technology included on the Elite range to understand where the money is going. What you get with the Elite that you don’t get with the regular is a Carbon Fiber soleplate and the addition of Flywire. This results in a pretty minimal weight difference of 0.2oz, but a more protected upper on the Elite. The Elite also has a complete K-leather upper compared to a mix of synthetic and K-leather on the regular. Is it all worth the additional $200? That is down to you and your budget. Personally, I am of the opinion that the regular Tiempo offers far superior value for money, but you can only get the entire experience by purchasing the Elite’s!

Nike Tiempo IV Elite

Critics Notes

I can’t offer many negatives about the Tiempo IV Elite. They are a solid boot that perform well, look great and serve their intended purpose on the field. But, I am definitely not a fan of the hefty price tag! This is just part and parcel of the current trend in the soccer market, with Nike’s Elite range running especially high. Ultimately, it creates an exclusive allure about the range, and apparently it sells. I just don’t see a great deal of value in paying $350 for a pair, especially when you can get the regular version for $135. Sizing is also a concern and I strongly encourage players to research before spending money on a pair.


Again Nike has produced a very effective boot that falls right into the heritage category, as we expect from the Tiempo range. Performance wise, these just straight up work and they compliment any player looking for a boot that provides great touch and control. The leather upper is top quality and ranks amongst the best I have had the opportunity to test. Ball hogs, in particular, will probably be very excited about getting their hands on the Tiempo IV Elite – although I anticipate players who are not ball hogs will have a new title after wearing them a few times! Get past the high price tag and you won’t be disappointed with this release.

*Boots supplied for review by Nike Soccer.

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  1. Which one is better comfort wise? the tiempo IVs, the tiempo IV elites, the t90s lasers, or the t90 laser elites??

  2. On my total 90 laser 3 Elites, the carbon fibre was super stiff to start, but after the 4th wear, somthing "snapped" in the soleplate, and now they are super comfortable, but its not any better than the plastic soleplate on my adipure 3's. overall, the weight difference of the elite tiempos vs. the regular just isnt worth 200 dollars!! the main advantage of the carbon fibre is weight, but on the tiempos it just does not make sense!

  3. between the elites vs regulars:

    1) which is more comfortable?


    2) how much of a difference is there in terms of leather softness?

    THANKS!! 🙂

  4. I am planning on buying a new pair of cleats soon. I either want to get the tiempos elites, or the superfly 3s in the new orange color. I play offensive mid for my soccer team if that helps. Which cleat is the better cleat and which would you recomend and why? What is the best nike cleat available?

  5. also, would you please respond as soon as you can, because i need to get the cleats soon!

    • Nate, though I don't get to review boots, I do play in college and also work at a footy retail store so get to try on all the new boots. My personal favorite is the new tiempo range. I haven't been able to try on the elites yet, but the regular tiempos are a godsend. Hands down, most comfortable boots I've ever tried on (they will be my next pair of boots since I don't have an extra 200 to plunk down on the elite versions). The superflys are nice, but it is all about personal preference. I go for the most comfortable boots always, and I've found that leather has been better for my feet than synthetic (especially the super stiff superflys). However, the superflys are great boots so do not let me deter you from looking at them. I would highly recommend trying both on before you order, but if you cannot do that I would go with the tiempos. The superflys are "love them, or hate them," whereas you will not be disappointed with the tiempos, I guarantee it. Hope this helped

  6. Stand out boots, but either you pay $200 for elite, you can buy another tiempo’s

  7. Whats the difference between shoes with heel counters and ones without? As I noticed these do not have a heel counter.

  8. I plan on buying the Elite's for the complete K-Leather. I haven't worn Tiempo's since the Legend 1. Sure they're expensive but if you use them as your only pair I am sure you can justify them (just cut back on other purchases). Great review, thanks.

  9. did you use leather food on these shoes? i got mine today, and i have a tournament this weekend and i'm either going to wear these, or my broken it sf3's. but i want these tiempos to last, and was wondering whether or not using leather food on these would help.

  10. Great review Brian! I was just wondering if you knew if the studs on these would hold up on turf?

  11. i wear a 11 in the ctr 360 2 how do these compare in size to the ctr360 3? should i get an 11 or 11.5?

  12. Hi! I am a regular US9 wearer for most of my boots(T90, CTR, ADIPOWER, ADIPURE, SUPERFLY) and i was just wondering if i should get this in US 9 too. I have looked around and heard that they fit true to length but as you said the midfoot area is tight due to the flywire. Just wondering how badly did it fit for you in US9? Having trouble trying to find the right size because i am ordering from overseas! HELP!

  13. Do these fit wide? I wear a size 12 in Puma King Finale I and I want to know if this will be a better choice when I need another pair Of boots, I play Right back and right midfield, and I need another pair because my puma’s are ripping on the side

    • Yes they do fit wide feet absolutely. Just make sure you get the right size. So if you wear a 12 in a regular Tiempo, you will need a 12.5 in the Elite. How the sizing compares to a King Finale I'm not sure. Puma have some strange sizing depending on what model of their shoe you wear.

  14. what is ball hogs?

    • Someone who really isn't a team player, never passes, always shoots no matter what the % of success is and constantly goes for glory.

  15. Ok guys I just got a pair of these. What can I say. A bit of background. I have worn the following boots Copa, PowerCat 1.12, DD-Eleven, Wave Ignitus 2. All I can say is the Tiempo Legend IV Elites blow them all out of the water. The leather is so soft, the quality is outrages. They are made in Italy. Before you put them on they just feel like a comfortable cleat. But once I slid them on, OMG they felt like a glove, kinda like a velvet slipper. Words really can't describe how comfortable these cleats felt out of the box. I honestly thought I was taking a massive risk $ wise when buying these, but they are worth every penny. Now I know why some of the best defenders and attackers in the world wear these cleats. As long as Nike continues to make them I will continue wearing them.

    If Nike stops The Tiempo Legend IV Elites and doesn't replace them with something similar or better (1 piece Kanagaroo leather upper with a carbon fibre sole & conical studs, do you hear me Nike!) , then they would be doing a disservices to their customers and players.

    These are the classiest cleats on the market bar none.

    They key is to get the right size. I'm normal a US 12 in Nike running shoes and a US 11.5 in Nike cleats. But got a US 12 in the Elites after the reviews stating to go up half a size than you normally wear. Spot on advice, they are snug and fit like a glove!

    If you're considering them, don't just buy them. You can't go wrong!

  16. Awesome cleats. If you’re lucky you can still score a black pair like in this review on ebay brand new. Worth every penny.

  17. Where can you buy these in US?!

  18. For anyone interested you can still pick these up from lovellsoccer, they have all the sizes. Stock is limited though so be quick.

  19. I have just bought these for £90 brand new from soccer scene and can’t wait to wear them after reading this 🙂

  20. so i wear a 9 in f50 adipures should i go with a 9.5 for the legend elites

    • No, If I were you I would go a size 10 in the Legend IV Elites. 9.5 would be too tight (and maybe short) compared to your size 9 F50's. Hope this helps.

  21. I still think these were the best all round football boot ever made. Certainly the best Nike ever made in terms of comfort, quality and performance.

    It's a shame they stopped making this particular boot. The only downside was their limit in availability and price when first released. But you can still pick up a bargain on eBay if you look hard enough and manage to find your size.

    Just remember to go up a half size from say a normal Tiempo Legend IV. Or stick to the exact same size as you would wear your runners and you will be right.

    I recently did a comparison between these and the normal Tiempo Legend IV and the biggest difference I found was the following:

    The Elite had a far greater build quality compared the the Chinese made Legend IV. For Eg on my legend the inside lining especially around the top lace holes start to tear when I really tightened the laces. On my Elites absolutely no sign of this.

    I constantly felt hot spots and stud pressure around the ball on my inside toe on the standard Legend IV compared to the Elites with the Carbon fibre sole plate that had absolutely zero stud pressure and zero hot spots anywhere. The Elites just felt a more comfortable.

    The conical stud pattern on the Elite FG vs the normal Legend IV conical's felt just that little bit less sticky and offered quicker release and manoeuvrability on natural firm surfaces.

    The Stitching on the Elites was superior, especial on the Nike emblem where on the normal Legends the inner emblem was stitched but the outer emblem heat glued on.

    The tongue on the Elite was a little more streamlined and felt more comfortable. Just sat around the foot a little better than the normal Legend IV tongue which had a bit more material to it. Both have the memory foam insert to stop lace bite and its an excellent feature which absolutely works.

    The only thing I slightly preferred about the normal Legend IV over the Elites was the sued heel collar. It's not a big deal as the Elites collar lining does a great job. I just feel that a suede heel collar does the best job of locking in your heel on any football boot and all football boots should come with a suede heel collar lining.

    I've been searching for a pair of SG Tiempo IV Elites for a long time in my size. The SG's are far rare than the FG stud pattern.

    • I wear a size 9us in the nike tiempo legend iv. what size should i purchase for the elite's? i've seen much talk about going up a half size. with the tiempo legend iv i have a thumb difference from the seam to my toe(s) or about .5 inches which is ideal and perfect. i cant gauge my size from runners as i use special sole orthotics. half sizes usually run 3/16 inches so i just want to make sure the correct sizing. you seem to have alot of knowledge about these boots hence why im asking you. my friend has offered to sell me his extra pair so before i buy them and have them shipped i want to confirm the size. any help would be great!

  22. I wear a size 9us in the nike tiempo legend iv. what size should i purchase for the elite's? i've seen much talk about going up a half size. with the tiempo legend iv i have a thumb difference from the seam to my toe(s) or about .5 inches which is ideal and perfect. any help would be great!

  23. I enjoy what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and coverage!
    Keep up the wonderful works guys I’ve included you guys to my own blogroll.

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