Wednesday , May 31 2023

Pele Trinity 3E in Snow White Released

Pele Trinity 3E Snow White

You gotta love how clean and tidy this latest colorway in the Pele Trinity 3E series look! Hot off the heals of the new K-leather version released earlier this week, Pele Sports has unleashed a completely new look for players who love the Symbioskin upper range. This is the first version of the boot that is not black and is listed as a Snow White/Fiery Red – seems like an appropriate name with the Snow White and the Huntsman movie about to be released! From initial feedback, it is a real winner!

Below are the main points that you need to know about the Trinity, or alternatively you can head over to read the full review.

  • An all new type of upper called Symbioskin is used on the Trinity. It has been specifically developed just for this boot and is basically a low density, tri-laminate material. Because the material is so thin, you get great feel on the ball.
  • At a mere 5.6oz, these boots are designed for out and out speed, matching some of the lightest boots on the market.
  • Five blades on the front and 3 on the back make for one of the most unusual stud configurations you will ever see.
  • According to Pele Sports, “The extreme position of the rear tripod studs trigger earlier ground contact and stability with high velocity release and the forefoot studs permit excellent traction and explosive acceleration.”

Snow White Pele Trinity

The first important aspect to consider in order to make the most of the Trinity is sizing. I wear a size 9US and tested a size 9US – they fit a half size long. Ultimately, an 8.5US would offer a much more snug fit. If you are going to buy a pair I strongly consider going down a half size.

From reader feedback, a few of you encountered some problems with the Trinity upper separating. I spoke to Pele Sports and they ensured me that this issue has been addressed and resolved. As well as that, the studs have also been altered so that they are stronger and will sustain activity on artificial surfaces (where a lot of players end up wearing them).

In terms of retail, they hit the market for $199.99.

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  1. I had the first colorway, and was just wondering if the durability problems of the shoe have been addressed for the new colorway? I saw that the K leather versions said they should be more durable, same for these?

  2. When I buy mine it'll be a case of "snow white and the size 7 dwarf"

  3. Oh wow! I was waiting for another colorway!!! Sexy class!

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