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Cleatology – Eescord Camila BOFO Chivas

Eescord Camila Bofo Chivas

If there is one thing we do well at SoccerCleats101, it is ensuring you get a mix of boots from all brands and not just from the big names. And we are not afraid to feature any style or range, even if it is as wacky as this Eescord release. Having spotted these a few weeks back, we secured a pair with the intent of detailing them in person.

Who are Eescord, I hear you ask? The simple answer is that they are a Mexican brand who is willing to provide bold designs and outlandish colorways for their players! These boots are called the Eescord Camila BOFO Chivas, and were specifically designed and worn by Adolfo “Bofo” Bautista when he played at C.D. Guadalajara in 2004. When he signed for Chivas, he became a lead endorser for the Eescord brand and they allowed him to design these very distinctive boots.

In an odd twist, Bofo would actually throw the shoe he scored the goal with into the crowd. Ultimately, it turned out to be a great marketing ploy for Eescord since he scored 9 goals his first season. Check out more images and details of the boots below!

Eescord Camila Bofo Chivas (2)

Eescord BOFO

In terms of the design of this boot, it obviously holds the Chivas colors. The Red/White upper is extremely unique and I don’t think I have ever seen a boot that looks like it. Is that a good or bad thing? I’ll let you work that out in your head! On the heel of the boot, you get the players signature along with “Bofo” (his nickname) in gold writing. It is also obvious that Bofo wore #7, since it is placed in several spots on the boots, including the heel and the soleplate.

In terms of the actual boot and performance, there is not a whole lot going on. You get a synthetic upper with layered stitching, on a pretty basic soleplate and a conical stud configuration. The upper is slightly stiff and sort of replicates something you would get from Pirma or Joma. Actually, these remind me a lot of the Joma Fit 100 that we just tested. Eescord include a fold over tongue design that has been stitched down effectively in place. There is no velcro to keep in place, but the single layer of stitching that sits between the Camila text and Eescord logo keeps the tongue flat against the lacing. It is actually a really smart piece of simple ingenuity.

They weigh in at 9.3oz and had a retail of around $69.99 when they were released, although they were not made readily available in the US.

I was contemplating the idea of testing these out, but realistically I feel like it would be a boring review and I want to keep them in mint condition with the rest of the SC101 growing collection! Every collection needs a offbeat, outlandish boot to compete it and I think these fit the bill.

Do any of you guys have feedback on these boots? Have you ever tested them out or seen them worn by others on pitch? As always, we want to hear your thoughts, so after enjoying the images make sure to leave us a comment below!

Eescord Camila Bofo Soleplate

Eescord Logo

Eescord Upper

Eescord Camila Bofo heel design

Eescord BOFO Boxed

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  1. How do these fit compared to other brands? I think it would be fun to get these as a backup boot, but I don't know what size would be the best for me. I have a size 10 Predator LZ.

  2. hey bryan just seen these

    clearly matching the mexivan national strip

  3. Not to be rude, but they don't look great. Not even good for that matter.

  4. Where can i get a pair

  5. Great Tiempo stud pattern. Stiff looking upper.

  6. on my rest trip to the deep south i couldnt find any concords that i wanted to lay down some money for but i picked up a pair of eescords and they have a good touch and control but the only two negatives would be be the lasses and getting stud pressure but overall a really good boot

  7. The wings on the hell is a memorial to his mother who passed away when he played for chivas

  8. can I still find these for sale?!

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